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The FBI Director Puts Tape Over His Webcam, Should You?

If you have ever been to an IT event or security conference you have undoubtedly seen many laptops with tape covering over their built-in cameras. The practice is becoming so common within some groups of people that you’ll occasionally even see the taped webcams in coffee shops and the workplace too. Interestingly enough, it’s not … Read More

How to Show a Paper Tape in Calculator App for Mac

If you find yourself adding up many numbers or just performing a continuous string of math that is critical to keep track of, you should know that the Mac Calculator app includes a paper tape feature. For those who aren’t familiar, a paper tape keeps a running trail of each item entered into a calculator, … Read More

Sony’s new tape format promises 48,496,640 songs in your pocket

If video killed the radio star, then the iPod helped kill the cassette tape. Although perhaps not permanently enough. According to new reports, Sony has developed a new magnetic tape capable of holding 148GB of data per square inch —…Read more ›

Help The Cassette Tape Live On With This Cool Case For iPhone 5 [Review]


I have fond memories of the cassette tape. The first album I ever bought was on cassette — I won’t tell you what it was — and I used to spend hours taping songs off the radio so that I could listen to them on my cheap Bush walkman, which had just three buttons and a volume control.

Cassette Case by Rocket Cases Category: Cases Works With: iPhone 5 Price: $ 14.99  [Read More…]

UPS Delivery Guy Caught Stealing A FedEx-ed iPad On Tape [Video]

Going to the store at this time of year is an excruciatingly painful affair. We begin our Christmas shopping months early, and anything we need to get in December is bought online. Unfortunately for some, however, not everything they order online actually shows up.

As courier companies struggle to keep up with the surge in packages, it’s not uncommon for items to go missing, or for them to be delivered to the wrong  [Read More…]

Walmart Employees Caught On Tape Torturing iPads [Video]

You’ll want to avoid getting an iPad in Walmart in future.

Have you ever purchased an iPad from Walmart, then got it home and found its box was battered, or worse, the device itself was smashed? It probably happens a lot in Pikeville, Kentucky, where employees at one Walmart store have fun with Apple’s latest tablet by throwing new units around the stock room.

And if that wasn’t stupid enough, they also  [Read More…]

Woman Buys iPad For $200, Finds Out It’s Just A Mirror With Duct Tape On The Back

Anytime you think you’re scoring a super hot deal on Apple’s latest amazing device, you really should make sure everything’s 100% legit before forking over $ 200 to some shady dude at a gas station. That’s the lesson Jalonta Freeman learned when she found out the “$ 800 iPad” she purchased was really just a mirror.

Freeman was fueling her car at a gas station when a man pulled up beside  [Read More…]

AirCassette for iPhone Makes Tape Players Look Good

I didnt own many cassette tapes when I was a kid CDs had already taken over but I did have a small collection. There wasnt much about the cassette that I liked actually; the sound quality wasnt great, waiting for them to rewind was a pain, and theyre no good for Frisbee-ing at your friends like the compact disc. AirCassette for iPhone, however, is one cassette tape thats just plain awesome. Thats because its not really a cassette  [Read More…]