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This pair of tools will protect your browsing and help you stay on task [Deals]

Among the top concerns for anybody who spends a lot of time on the computer are how to stay safe online, and how to stay on task. This pair of awesome apps addresses both, with VPN Unlimited creating a private, protected link to the web, and To Do Checklist preserving your productivity. The best part, right […]

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Award-winning task manager Things is free for a week

Every week Apple selects a paid app to become its “Free App of the Week” in the App Store, and it usually makes for a decent deal. But this week is the best promotion so far. Things by Cultured Code,…Read more ›

David has a colossal and difficult task in front of him

David is a brilliant and challenging game about a little square facing off against some giant, often cheap-as-hell foes with nothing but the minimalist-game version of a slingshot. David by Fermenter Games Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod…Read more ›

The Hit List Task Manager Gets Second Chance With New Developer

Neglected iOS and Mac app The Hit List has been snapped up by Karelia software, promising to breath life into a pretty great to-do app. One look at the iOS version of The Hit List tells you all you need…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Slick Task Management With Mailbox, Drafts, Gmail And (Maybe) IFTTT [How To]

fig 1Cult of Mac reader James Broccoli asks: @mistercharlie Can you write something about how you use IFTTT, gmail and Mailbox as a todo manager, as mentioned in that Nitro article? — James Broccoli (@broccoliboy21) August 28, 2013 My answer was “Sure!” . And if you don’t like this post, make sure to address all your […]

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Nitro, A Mac Task Manager Based On Plain Text And Dropbox

bannerNitro is a very promising new todo list app for the Mac (plus a bunch of hippie platforms). It keeps your notes in a plain text file on Dropbox, and is available free from the Mac App Store. Nitro works around a todo.txt file, the favorite todo list format of nerds everywhere. And as it […]

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Tasket Syncs Google Task And iOS Reminders

Tasket is a service that syncs your Google Tasks list with your iOS Reminders list. It performs this magical feat pretty much flawlessly, using a Microsoft Exchange server to do the syncing, and letting you add and remove tasks from pretty much anywhere. The service, by developer Andrew Dalgleish, is in beta. From a user’s […]

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Yahoo! Acquires Astrid, A Task Management App For Android & iOS


Just over a month after acquiring Summly for $ 30 million, Yahoo! has gobbled up another smartphone app. This time it’s Astrid, a pretty task management client for Android and iOS, which has a strong focus on sharing. Astrid announced the news on its blog today.

“We are thrilled to announce that we have been acquired by Yahoo!,” the statement reads. “When we set out to build Astrid, we sought to  [Read More…]

Wunderlist Pro Launching Soon With Collaborative Task Management

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JubYG6B-Z4Y?rel=0]

6Wunderkinder’s popular task management app, Wunderlist, is about to go pro. Don’t worry, the current version will remain free on all platforms. Wunderlist Pro is coming for those interested in collaborative task management with a team. The goal is to make assigning tasks to different people “downright simple and a lot more productive.”

Wunderlist Pro will cost $ 5 per month or $ 50 per year. Besides assigning tasks, users will be able to add unlimited subtasks and use  [Read More…]

Take a Photo with FaceTime Camera After a Task Finishes in OS X Command Line

If you’ve ever wanted to document your reaction to an event, task, or specific command execution, now is your chance to get started. With the help of a fun little app called ImageSnap, you can snap pictures with the FaceTime or iSight cameras from the command line. That can be good enough on it’s own for some uses, but it’s much more entertaining when you tie it to the completion of another command, thereby snapping the reaction to whatever is  [Read More…]