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Apple admits the Watch doesn’t work well with tattoos

Apple has issued a statement on its website confirming that rumors about a so-called “tattoogate” are accurate. Reports that the Apple Watch ran into problems when being worn by a person with dark tattoos cropped up earlier this week, when…Read more ›

Apple Watch doesn’t play nice with tattoos

With a variety of bands, and price tags ranging all the way from $ 349 – $ 17,000, there’s an Apple Watch for everyone. Except, possibly, the heavily tattooed. That’s according to a new thread on Reddit which claims that several tattoo-sporting…Read more ›

Apple, Ink: The Coolest, Wildest, Weirdest And Most Extreme Apple Tattoos Around [Gallery]

Its a slow Friday afternoon, and in browsing through our emails for tips, we stumbled across this incredibly detailed tattoo of Steve Jobs designed by Jaime De Leon Tud of Wildside Tattoo in the Phillippines. It got us thinking: why not blow off work early and get some Apple-inspired ink? We hit the internet looking for inspiration, and after seeing dozens of images (oftentimes  [Read More…]