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Panama Papers: Apple supplier denies evading $22 billion in taxes

The “Panama Papers” leak of 11.5 million documents from ultra-secretive Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca has already named and shamed heads of state, government officials, business owners and celebrities who reportedly evaded tax thanks to the scheme. But one name which hasn’t been talked about too much is Apple supplier Foxconn, which is accused of […]

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How Apple avoids paying taxes on iTunes revenue

Apple’s tax tactics in Ireland have landed the company in Congress’ hot seat this year, but another European nation has also helped Apple wiggle its way out of paying massive taxes on its iTunes revenues. Apple reportedly took advantage of…Read more ›

Apple Didgeridon’t Pay Their Australian Taxes, Investigators Claim

Apple has been accused of shifting close to $ 8.1 billion in untaxed profits from its Australian operations to Ireland over the past ten years. An investigation by the Australian Financial Review got hold of a decade’s worth of financial accounts…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Tim Cook Visits Ireland To Talk Taxes With Prime Minister

Tim Cook has made a journey over to Ireland this week to visit with staff at the company’s Cork offices. Along with addressing the 4,000 employees responsible for assembling the MacBook Pro, Cook also met up with the country’s prime…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Agrees To Pay More City Taxes Under New Mothership Deal

Apple and the city of Cupertino have reached an agreement that will see the tech giant paying more taxes to the city as part of the deal for its new Apple Campus 2 project. The new deal is up to…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Ireland Considers Closing Loophole Used By Apple To Avoid Higher Taxes

Apple believes it’s the highest taxpayer in the U.S, but the company has still been subjected to intense scrutiny because the majority of its cash isn’t located stateside, but in offshore subsidiaries scattered around the globe. In a U.S. Senate Permanent…Read more ›

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Apple Plans To Reduce Chinese Import Taxes By Shipping Directly From Foxconn Factories

foxconn-iphone_large_verge_medium_landscapeThe iPhone 5c is supposed to be Apple’s breakthrough device for the Chinese market – though we’ve heard they’re crazy for gold – so to make the import process quicker and cheaper Apple plans to ship iPhones from supplier Foxconn’s factory directly to China. Apple has already been working with China’s customs authorities to set […]

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Apple Publishes Opening Statements From Today’s Senate Hearing On Taxes

21bits-cook-tmagArticleApple has published the opening statements read by CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer earlier today at the U.S. Senate Subcommittee hearing on corporate taxes. The hearing lasted several hours and was televised live on CSPAN. Senators like Carl Levin, John McCain, and Rand Paul were present to lead the committee and hear from industry […]

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Senate Summons Apple’s Tim Cook To Testify On Storing Cash Overseas To Avoid Taxes


Apple has fallen under plenty of scrutiny for storing a majority of its $ 100+ billion cash horde overseas to avoid paying U.S. corporate taxes, the highest tax rate in the world. Now Apple CEO Tim Cook has been summoned to speak at a Senate hearing next week as part of an investigation into the offshore tax practices of U.S businesses.

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Taxes On Capital Gains, Dividends, Blamed For Investors Fleeing Apple Stock

Can you hear the whistling sound?

What goes up must come down, in physics and in investment. Stock prices for Apple have hit a low recently, down about a fourth of it’s value. Analysts believe that upcoming taxes on capital gains and investment dividends have stock holders rushing to get rid of as much as they can to avoid record tax hikes.

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