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Teach Siri How To Pronounce Tricky Names [iOS Tips]

I’ve grown up with this last name, so I’m fairly used to people butchering it. I’m surprised at the amazing number of pronunciations given to my last name over the past several decades, with people adding all sorts of weird… Read more ›     

While all of us aren’t destined to get our heads buried deep in lines of programming languages, chances are that most of us, and especially our children, will benefit from knowing the basics of how the most ubiquitous devices in… Read more ›     

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 5.24.21 PMSeven schools in The Netherlands are teaching kids using only iPads. These “Steve Jobs Schools” are part of the O4NT program (Education for a new Era). One of the biggest tenants of O4NT is flexibility in learning, and Apple’s technology provides that environment. While students do attend class together, the “virtual school” is available on the […]

The post In The Netherlands, Schools Are Using iPads To  [Read More...]

Bill Nye!? Sign me up!

Bill Nye “The Science Guy!” is working with developer Gamedesk to create a game for the iPad to teach kids all about aerodynamics, and they’re funding it on Kickstarter. The tagline? “Help Us Teach Difficult Science Concepts Through a Beautifully Engaging 3D Bird Flying Game.” How can it go wrong?

GameDesk has already created an early prototype of the game, using funds from a partnership with Iridescent  [Read More...]

Teach iPhone AutoCorrect New Words By Repetition

How to Teach iPhone Autocorrect New Words

If you’re annoyed the iPhone autocorrect dictionary still doesn’t know a word you use constantly, or you are constantly suggested the wrong word (what the duck?), you can teach iOS autocorrect new words by repeating them a few times in an app like Notes:

Launch Notes app and create a new blank note Type the new word you want autocorrect to learn over and over again  [Read More...]

If you’ve thought about developing apps and tweaks for Apple’s iOS devices, but the idea of the company’s App Store approval process puts you off, then maybe it’s time to avoid that with The iOS Hacker’s Handbook. Written by a team of Mac and iOS security experts — including some prominent members of the jailbreaking community — this book promises to teach you all about the vulnerabilities and exploits in the  [Read More...]

I’ve always wanted to learn how to play piano, to be a chain-smoking, Jelly Roll Morton style jazz tinkler… but I’ve never really had the equipment to get it done. I’m sort of excited, then, by the Piano Apprentice accessory: just slap an iPad into the small keyboard accessory, and you should be on your road to ragtime in, well, no time at all.   The keyboard connects to the iPad through the 30-pin  [Read More...]