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iTunes U is bringing teachers and students a major upgrade

iTunes U, Apple’s giant repository of educational material from university around the globe, is getting a big upgrade today that will make it easier than ever for teachers to incorporate apps with their course materials. Students and teachers will be…Read more ›

LA Teachers Are Angry District Spent $1 Billion On iPads Instead Of Repairs

  The LA Unified School District made headlines when it pledged to make it rain iPads on students by spending $ 1 billion on Apple’s tablets, but teachers are more concerned of the rain leaking through their classroom roofs. The school…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Kids Get In Trouble For Finding Teacher’s Erotic Pics On School iPad

There are reasons why you should always understand how technology works before taking scandalous pictures of yourself and sending them to your lover. You don’t know where those pictures are going to end up. You might snap a naughty picture with your iPhone that then gets sent to your iCloud Photostream that is then synced with your school’s iPad. Then your students might be playing around on that school iPad, find the pic  [Read More…]

Why Teachers Shouldnt Set Up A Porn Business On School-Issued Macs

A special education teacher from Lincoln High School in Stockton, California, is currently on paid leave after she set up a pornographic website business on a MacBook issued to her by the school. Heidi Kaeslin was suspended when school officials discovered her moneymaking scheme, and she is now under investigation. However, Kaeslin wasnt the only one running the site. She was accompanied by Richard Fields, a former officer with the  [Read More…]

Apple Donates 9,000 iPads to Teachers Working in Impoverished Schools [Report]

Apple has partnered with the Teach for America program and donated 9,000 first gen iPads to teachers that work in impoverished and dangerous schools. The donated iPads come from customers that gave to Apples public service program during the iPad 2 launch. Many consumers opt to resale their used Apple devices when a new generation is released, but the people that gave to Apples public service program have helped to give  [Read More…]