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Teardown reveals Apple Smart Keyboard is not repairable — but super durable

We’re just days away from carving up turkeys in the US, but the folks at iFixit are busting out the blades a little early for their official teardown of the new Apple Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro. A new teardown from iFixit reveals how Apple made the Keyboard/Smart Cover super durable by encapsulating the […]

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iPhone 6s teardown reveals smaller battery, heavier display

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus just went on sale today, but the gadget gurus over at iFixit have already managed to teardown Jony Ive’s fabulous new creation, revealing quite a few hardware changes Apple has made in the last year. The new iPhone 6s looks identical to last years model, however there are […]

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iPad Mini 4 teardown reveals a miniaturized Air 2

We’ve gotten our first look at the guts of the latest Apple hardware thanks to an iPad Mini 4 teardown that’s appeared online, and the new tablet from the Cupertino company is looking really familiar. But we don’t mean that in a bad way. Repair-advise site iFixit has sacrificed one of the devices in the […]

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Teardown reveals iPod touch is basically a stripped-down iPhone 6

Other than the small matter of it not making phone calls, what’s the difference between the iPhone 6 and the new sixth-generation iPod touch, which Apple finally released last week? That’s the question that our friends over at iFixit tried…Read more ›

iFixit teardown reveals what makes Apple Watch tick

The first wave of Apple Watch preorders have already been dropped off on customers doorsteps in Australia. We’ve already seen a ton of unboxing videos going through the Apple Watch packaging, but the folks at iFixit are wasting no time…Read more ›

Virtual teardown shows what makes Apple Watch tick

Like an autopsy performed on a cadaver that’s yet to be born, slick new renderings dissect the Apple Watch and show off its shiny guts. Since few normal people have an actual Apple Watch in hand, concept artist Martin Hajek…Read more ›

iFixit teardown reveals Force Touch trackpad’s secret sauce

We’re still waiting for the unbelievably gorgeous 12-inch MacBook to ship, but our friends at iFixit have already done a teardown on the updated MacBook Pro, revealing the secret sauce behind the new Force Touch Trackpad and Taptic Engine that both new…Read more ›

iFixit teardown discovers the iPad Air 2 skimps on battery life

As they so often do when new Apple products land, the gadget vivisectionists at iFixIt have used one of their trademark spudgers to crack open a brand iPad Air 2, and there’s at least one interesting finding. All the iPad…Read more ›

iFixit teardown of Retina iMac reveals user upgradable RAM, familiar internals

The folks at iFixit have already gotten their hands on a new 27-inch Retina iMac, and their teardown reveals everything you need to know about the machine’s innards. Thanks to a rear access door, the RAM in the new iMac remains…Read more ›

iPhone 6 Plus teardown confirms 1GB of RAM, double-battery size

The Apple repair gurus at iFixit have been meticulously tearing down the iPhone 6 Plus over the last few hours and have discovered new details about Apple’s first phablet. The teardown revealed that the iPhone 6 Plus battery has nearly…Read more ›