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It’s the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Macintosh, and we wondered at Cult of Mac what can we do to celebrate? Then we thought, let’s dissect an original Macintosh and see what made it tick! There’s nothing like… Read more ›     

Retina iPad mini Gets The Full Teardown Treatment

The crazy folks over at iFixit are at it again with a complete rip apart of Apple’s latest amazing machine, the iPad mini with Retinal Display. What they found is that the iPad mini with Retina Display is just as…

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Rather than cruising the streets for candy, the guys at iFixit spent All Hollow’s Eve tearing down the new iPad Air with all the tender loving care we’ve come to appreciate from the fixit gurus. iFixit found few surprises during…

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iphone_5c_exploded-598x480An early teardown of the iPhone 5s by research firm IHS found that even though Apple has added a new A7 processor, fingerprint sensor and improved camera to its high-end iPhone, the company pays less for the components of the iPhone 5s than it did for the iPhone 5. The new teardown revealed that Apple pays […]

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Teardown Reveals Details of iPhone A7 and M7 Chips

Oh, so that's where the M7 was.At the end of last night’s iPhone 5s teardown, the iFixit team still wasn’t sure who made the chips inside the latest iOS device, or where the brand-new M7 was, even. There was a lot of speculation as to who made the A7, Apple’s new, faster powerhouse of a main processing unit, as well. That’s […]

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Man, that's got to hurt.The team over at venerable rip-into-gadgets site, iFixit, have gotten their hot little hands on a brand new iPhone 5s, and they’re tearing it down to let us all know what’s inside. If you’re into seeing the guts of Apple’s latest iPhone 5s, check out all the gory goodness below. You can see the Touch […]

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At a glance, Apple’s latest MacBook Air notebooks appear identical to their predecessors, but when you take a look under the hood, there are some obvious differences. Not only do they boast Intel’s latest Haswell processors, but they also have larger capacity batteries and smaller solid-state flash drives.

iFixit got its hands on the new 13.3-inch MacBook Air, which was unveiled at WWDC on Monday, and instantly began pulling it apart to  [Read More...]

Apple’s new iMac went on sale yesterday, and like clockwork, the folks at iFixit have performed a thorough teardown. Given Apple’s track record, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the 2012 iMac is incredibly difficult to repair. The razor-thin LCD is glued and fused onto the frame, and accessing the RAM and hard drive is like cracking open a vault.

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Unshielded, shoddily built and as close to dangerous junk as you can get without actually being dangerous. Today, this description happens to apply to these knock-off Lightning adapters from China, but it could equally describe any cheap no-name Chinese electronic accessories.

The cable you see above was called a “functional knockoff” by Apple Insider. And like a functioning alcoholic, it might get the job done, but at what cost?

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The new Mac mini is fairly easy to disassemble with normal tools.

Apple hasn’t been very friendly to the DIY community in recent years. Every year Macs get harder and harder to take apart and repair/upgrade at home. iFixit called the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display the “least repairable” MacBook yet, and the 13-inch Retina MacBook didn’t score so well either.

That’s why it’s refreshing to hear that the 2012 Mac  [Read More...]