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75 percent of teens say their next phone will be an iPhone

iPhone sales may be slowing down, but the popularity level of Apple’s handsets among teenage customers is higher than ever — and increasing all the time. In an extensive new survey carried out by analysts at Piper Jaffray, entitled “Taking Stock with Teens,” a whopping 69 percent claim to be iPhone owners. Better still, 75 percent […]

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Apple Store accused of racism for kicking out black teens

An Apple Store in Australia has come under fire this week thanks to video footage of a store manager kicking six black school boys out of a store because security was worried they might steal something. Footage of the incident at the Melbourne store hit the Internet on Tuesday, causing a an outcry on social […]

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Apple Watch heart monitor saves teen’s life

A teen sought medical attention after his Apple Watch heart monitor gave him persistently high readings, and that decision saved him from an untimely death. Paul Houle, a 17-year-old football player, bought Apple’s wearable a few days before he started pre-season training at Tabor Academy in Marion, Mass. After two practices in one day, he […]

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Dashcams reveal horrors of teens texting and driving

We all know that teens are crazy drivers. But when you put phones in their hands, things get really bad. AAA conducted video analysis of teenagers on the road and discovered that “distraction was a factor in nearly six out…Read more ›

Teen’s iPhone photos put vibrant face on homeless population

Nic Tullis has a summer project that doesn’t involve surfing or working at a frozen-yogurt shop. The 18-year-old is at the tail end of a Kickstarter campaign to to raise $ 2,500 that will keep him out photographing with his iPhone…Read more ›

iPhones More Popular Than Ever Among Teens

Established tech companies like Facebook may be losing their cool factor for today’s youngsters, but apparently the same isn’t true for Apple. According to a new Piper Jaffray survey, young people are more loyal to Apple than ever — with…Read more ›

We Heart It Is The Anti-Bullying Social Network For Teens, Young Adults

With teens and young adults leaving Facebook in droves, it’s up to social networks like We Heart It to pick up the slack. The new image-centric app is gaining a ton of traction with this highly-coveted target demographic, breaking the…Read more ›    

Double Music Lets Teens Ignore Each Other, Even While They Share A Pair Of Earbuds

There isn’t a much sadder sight in the modern urban landscape than a pair of friends walking together, both isolated by their own music playing on their own headphones. Why even bother meeting your friend i all you’re going to do is ignore each other?

Now, it gets a little better – and quite a lot cuter – when those friends share one pair of earbuds, maybe to listen to the same  [Read More…]

Teens Still Greasily Covet iPhone, But Find Android Tablets Increasingly “Fetch”


Piper Jaffray has once again asked the teenage blight upon our fair nation to stop popping pimples and sexting for a second to tell them what gadgets they want to buy next year. And, duh, it’s the iPhone.

According to the survey, 91% of 5200 teens surveyed says that they want their next high-tech device purchase to be a smartphone, which is up from 86% a year ago.

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48% Of Teens Already Own An iPhone, While 62% Plan To Buy One Next


To stay on top of its prediction game, analyst firm Piper Jaffray’s just finished its 25th bi-annual teen survey to find out what all the cool kids are doing with tech and what do they want next.

The survey found that Apple is the most desired tech brand by teens, but Google has made some improvement compared to last year. Yet while analysts are still busy predicting the dimise of Apple, 48% of  [Read More…]