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FBI is telling anti-encryption senators how it hacked the iPhone

The FBI’s not cluing Apple in on how it allegedly hacked the iPhone 5c at the heart of the San Bernardino investigation, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happy to spill the secret to select members of Congress. According to new reports, the feds have began briefing certain anti-encryption U.S. senators about the way in […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Bug in iOS 7.1.2 Calendar app could be telling you the wrong holidays

July 4th may be (sadly) over, but Apple’s latest mobile OS is all too happy to tell you when the national holiday might be. It could be lying, though. iOS 7.1.2 features a bug in its Calendar app, which gives…Read more ›

‘Hush’ Lets You Show Without Telling

Maybe you’re walking down the street, and you see a squirrel fighting a feral cat over half of a hot dog. That’s awesome, and you must capture it. But what if a construction crew is ripping up the sidewalk 50…Read more ›    [Read More…]

T-Mobile Preps For iPhone 5 By Telling AT&T Customers They Will Save Them $1200

Buying an unlocked iPhone and using a prepaid plan can save you a lot of money over two years. Over $ 1000 in savings actually. T-Mobile is the only major U.S. carrier that hasn’t landed a deal for the iPhone yet, but they’re not letting that stop them from getting new iPhone customers.

This week T-Mobile is pushing their new Unlimited & Unlocked campaign to get future iPhone 5 owners to  [Read More…]

Samsung Executives Waited Four Days Before Telling Chairman They Lost To Apple

Fearing the fury of your boss after a really crappyperformance isn’t unique to any profession. No one wants to make the big kahuna angry, and see them go nuts. Samsung’s executives tried to take the “maybe the chairman won’t be so mad if we wait a few days to tell him the bad news” approach. It didn’t work.

Last Friday, Samsung received the verdict that Apple won the patent lawsuit in  [Read More…]

Sleep In By Telling Siri To Turn Off All Alarms [iPhone 4S Tip]

Fancy a break from the constant tintinnabulation of your iPhone? Heres a great Siri tip spotted by the guys over at OS X Daily: just press down the hold button and tell Siri to turn off all alarms. Once youve been able to catch your breath, turning your alarms all on again is as easy as saying turn on all alarms.

Apple Is Telling Its Retail Employees To Be Trained In iOS 5 And iCloud By The End Of September [Exclusive]

Apple is trying to fast track the training of retail employees in the proper use of iOS 5 and iCloud ahead of their early October debuts, Cult of Mac has learned.   According to one of our sources, corporate managers are currently visiting select Apple Retail stores ahead of a prospective October launch of the next iPhone. While Apple is tight lipped about upcoming product plans even amongst its retail  [Read More…]