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Google Tells You How To Avoid Being A Glasshole

Google doesn’t want you to be a “Glasshole.” That’s according to a new list of “do’s” and “don’ts” the company has published with advice for Google Glass wearers. “Do’s” include exploring the world around you, taking advantage of Glass voice… Read more ›     

Successor to Steve Jobs, BFF of Steve Wozniak, and all-around “creative genius” Kanye West had some harsh words for Tim Cook over the weekend. Speaking/singing on stage at a Saturday night show in Newark, NJ, West blasted the Apple CEO… Read more ›     

This week saw the publishing of one of the iPhone’s most recognizable patents. Arriving with iOS 3 in June 2009 was the ability to select, copy, and paste text using two draggable selection handles displayed on screen. Miles ahead of… Read more ›     

If you’re used to games taking time to explain what they are and how you play them, then Simian Interface may not be for you. Simian Interface by Vested Interest Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: $ 0.99 But… Read more ›     

Apple Tells Australian Court: We Invented Apps

Did Apple invent the “app”? In terms of coining the word — or coming up with the idea of software — the obvious answer is that of course they didn’t. But did Apple’s approach to apps — seen most readily… Read more ›     

TimeStamp — Productivity — Free I’m a fan of apps that are basically just a giant button that does one thing easily, so TimeStamp really appeals to me. It’s a productivity tracker that independent contractors can use for invoicing purposes.… Read more ›     

Calling it an “honor, a privielege and truly from my heart to Steve,” Apple VP and kahuna beach moondog Eddy Cue accepted a posthumous award on Steve Jobs’s behalf last night, as the Apple founder was inducted into the Bay…

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A judge has advised Samsung to prepare its defense after determining that the South Korean company probably violated a court order by leaking confidential Apple documents. Apple provided Samsung with copies of its patent agreements with Nokia, Ericsson, Sharp, and Philips…

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CNNMoney has hit out at Apple by saying that it should momentarily forget about its position as an acclaimed product manufacturer and instead “focus on its mediocre software.†While acknowledging that Apple builds some of the most coveted laptops, tablets,…

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iOSFonts.com Tells You All About… iOS Fonts

IOS Fonts is the most concisely-named website of the day. It shows you all the fonts available on your iOS device, lets you search them and even preview your chosen text in them. I love it… And yet I’m struggling to find any practical use for it.

The site works great on iOS of course, and presents you with two columns (one on the iPhone). On the left, the source and controls;  [Read More...]