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Spotlight Search Results Blank, or Spotlight Not Working in iOS 8? Here’s a Really Silly Temporary Fix

Spotlight gained many new features and improvements with the latest version of iOS, but along with those changes came a curious bug that seems to randomly prevent Spotlight from working at all on an iPhone or iPad with empty search results. The situation is difficult to reliably reproduce since it does appear to be completely … Read More

iPhone “Cannot Take Photo” Because Not Enough Storage? Temporary Workaround Takes a Few More Pics

Nearly every iPhone owner who uses their device as a camera will inevitably get the “Cannot Take Photo – There is not enough available storage to take a photo.” alert message at some point, indicating their iPhone is so full of stuff that there’s no room for any additional pictures. While it’s indeed true that … Read More

Clear Temporary Files & App Caches from the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with PhoneClean

iPhone Like every other operating system, iOS stores temporary files and app caches locally on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and these files can build up over time. Generally iOS is pretty good at housekeeping, but if you’ve had a device for a long time and haven’t deleted old unused apps, resynced recently, or restored from a backup, you may have more of these temporary files and caches stored on  [Read More…]

Use Notes to Save Temporary Links & URL’s Without Adding to Bookmarks

If you’ve ever needed to gather a collection of website URL’s for later use, but didn’t want to bookmark everything or add them to Reading List, try tossing more ephemeral temporary links into an open note within the Notes app that is now bundled with Mac OS X. Not only will the links be synced between all your Macs, but they’ll also be sent across to your iOS devices too, allowing for simple and quick access to the temporary link  [Read More…]

Apple: iOS 6.1 Exchange Bug Will Be Patched, Here’s A Temporary Fix


Apple has confirmed that a bug affecting Microsoft Exchange accounts in iOS 6.1 will be fixed in an upcoming software update. In the meantime, the Cupertino company has provided a temporary fix, which will prevent the excessive communication with Exchange servers that users have been experiencing.

With all the beta testing Apple does with iOS updates, it’s amazing that bugs like this manage to go public. But at least Apple  [Read More…]

Keep Your Real Phone Number Private With A Temporary One Via Burner iOS App

So, there’s a new app out there for the iPhone that will let you create a temproary number that routes to your real phone number, and can be set to stop working, or “burn,” after a set amount of time. Basically, the free Burner app comes with enough credits to create a temporary phone number called a mini-burner that expires after 20 minutes of talk time and/or 60 text messages, or  [Read More…]

Apple Says In-App Purchasing Exploit Will Be Fixed In iOS 6, iOS Developers Given Temporary Fix

Apple has emailed developers about an in-app purchasing flaw in iOS 5.

It was recently discovered that a Russian hacker had been hijacking Apple’s iOS in-app purchasing system to score paid upgrades for free. The trick was accomplished by bypassing Apple’sauthentication servers and routing an in-app purchase through a proxy that sent back a faulty purchase receipt.

While Apple has already attempted to combat this activity, today the company outlined a solution  [Read More…]

Get Temporary Access To Your Mac OS X Library Folder When You Need It [OS X Tips]

The Library folder changed from being visible in Mac OS X Snow Leopard to being invisible in Mac OS X Lion. Apple decided to hide the Library folder from users to protect them from damaging the contents of that folder. Although that makes some sense from a security perspective, there are times when you need to get into that folder for troubleshooting or other reasons. Weve showed you how to  [Read More…]

Get Yourself A Temporary Steve Jobs Tattoo

This seems like a no-brainer. For just fin, you can pick yourself up a temporary Steve Jobs tattoo.   I know my girlfriends excited: as my interest in our relationship wanes in exact measure with my growing obsession with Apple, she feels that one of these tattoos, applied as a so-called tramp stamp, might be just the ticket to rekindle the flames of our passion! First person to slather their  [Read More…]