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Another piece of the “when will Apple release the iWatch” puzzle may have fallen in to place, with the news that Apple is actively pursuing the iWatch trademark in dozens of countries around the globe. Of course, it wouldn’t be… Read more ›

Say what you will about Apple losing marketshare to Android and Samsung quickly closing the gap in the smartphone market. The iPhone is still the most lusted after gadget of 2012 if search queries are any indication of where the public’s heart lies. People want the iPhone 5 more than they want to see pics of Kim Kardashian.

Yahoo released their year in review report on the most searched term of 2012  [Read More…]

Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber can’t touch the iPhone’s popularity, at least if Yahoo’s top search term results for 2011 are to be believed. Apple’s coveted smartphone edged past celebrities and major news topics to become the most-searched term on the Yahoo search engine. Reuters reports: “This is the first time since 2002 that we have had a gadget at No.1, which is an iPhone.” Vera Chan, a Web  [Read More…]