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Improve Tab Completion in Mac OS X Terminal

Improve Tab Completion in Terminal

Tab completion is a wonderful feature of shells that make power users lives easier, letting you automatically complete commands, paths, file names, and a variety of other things entered into the command line. It works great as is but you can make it even better by enabling a few features; ignore caps lock and casing of commands when completing, remove the necessity to double-tap the Tab key if  [Read More…]

Send a Notification Badge to the Terminal Dock Icon When a Task is Finished

A notification badge alert is sent to the Terminal icon in the OS X Dock

Not long ago we showed you how to announce when a command line task was finished by using the ‘say’ command, but because it speaks aloud it may be inappropriate to use in a quiet environment. A much more subtle notification takes advantage of Terminal apps new usage of the BEL alert, which in OS X Lion onward  [Read More…]

Rename Terminal Tabs in Mac OS X

Rename Terminal Tabs

Having a bunch of Terminal tabs named �bash� �bash� and �bash� isn�t too useful, instead you can rename each tab individually to something more specific by using the Terminal inspector. Before doing so, keep in mind that tabs default to rename themselves automatically based on the currently running process.

From any multi-tabbed Terminal window, just hit Shift+Command+i, or pull down the �Shell� menu and select �Edit Title�, from here  [Read More…]

Access Terminal from Anywhere in Mac OS X via Keyboard Shortcut with TotalTerminal

TotalTerminal in Mac OS X

TotalTerminal is an excellent tweak for those of us who frequently use the command line, it provides instant access to the Terminal from anywhere in Mac OS X with just a keyboard shortcut. Modeled after the classic Quake console, an official Terminal.app prompt drops down from the top of the screen where you can quickly enter a command or two and then hide it to get back  [Read More…]

Change the Shell in Mac OS X Terminal

Change the Shell in Mac OS X

Tired of bash? Prefer ksh, tcsh, or sh? You can quickly change the default shell in Terminal app, in addition to changing a users default login shell for when logging in remotely with SSH or otherwise. Here�s how to do both.

Change Terminal Apps Default Shell in OS X Open Preferences from the Terminal menu, click the �Startup� tab Under �Shells open with� choose �Command  [Read More…]

IR_Black Theme Add Colors Easily to the Terminal in Mac OS X

IR Black Theme for Terminal in Mac OS X

We recently covered the classic method of adding colors to the command line by editing .bash_profile, but it turns out that Terminal in OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion both support custom ANSI colors, giving the ability to easily change the ansi color scheme through external theme files. One such color scheme is the popular TextMate theme IR_Black which has been  [Read More…]

Open New man Page Windows from an Existing Terminal in OS X Lion

open a man page from the Terminal in OS X

Mac OS X Lion�s Terminal includes a new feature that lets you quickly access new manual pages from any existing Terminal window. Right-click on a command or process name and select �Open man Page� from the contextual menu, this will create a new terminal window with the manual page of that command, outfitted in the lovely yellow man page theme.

Because  [Read More…]

Open a New Terminal From the Current Finder Directory With Go2Shell

Go2Shell opens new terminal from a Finder window

Go2Shell is a free Finder toolbar add-on that creates a new Terminal window from the current directory of any desktop folder in Mac OS X with a click of a button. This is similar to the services option that can be added to the right-click contextual menu, but Go2Shell is faster due to resting in the Finder toolbar and being accessible with a single  [Read More…]

Open a Selected Finder Folder in a New Terminal Window

Open a New Terminal from the Selected Folder in Mac OS X

If you shuffle between the Terminal and the Mac OS X desktop often, you�ll get good use out of a Services feature which gives the ability to create a new Terminal window (or tab) from a selected folder within the Finder. You have to enable the Service inside System Prefs beforehand though:

Go to System Preferences and click on �Keyboard�  [Read More…]

Apple’s Grand Central Terminal StoreTo Open 10 AM Friday

Apple officially posted its Grand Central retail store page today where the company formally announced the 10:00 AM grand opening schedule for Friday, December 9th. The official address for the store is marked as 45 Grand Central Terminal New York, NY 10017. One of the more interesting things about the store are the business hours. Since the store is located in the Grand Central Terminal, business hours will be flowing with the terminal�s hours of operations.

  [Read More…]