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[Mac Tips] Show the Nyan Cat in Terminal

Small things amuse small minds.

Terminal is a powerful tool. But it can be used for fun things too! You can watch Star Wars in Terminal, and now you can open the Nyan Cat on Terminal. The possibilities are endless! To show the Nyan Cat in your Terminal window, you will need to enter a command. There are two different commands for two separate systems:


PHP Code: nc�-v�miku.acm.uiuc.edu�23


PHP Code: nc�-T�miku.acm.uiuc.edu�23

So launch a  [Read More…]

Secure Keyboard Entry Brings More Security to the Terminal in Mac OS X

Secure Keyboard Entry in Mac OS X Terminal

If you are using a public Mac or are just concerned about things like keyloggers and other potentially unauthorized access to your keystrokes, you can enable a feature in Mac OS X Terminal app that secures keyboard entry and input into the terminal. According to Apple, this feature �prevents other applications on your computer or the network from detecting and recording what is typed  [Read More…]

Enable and Use the locate Command in the Mac OS X Terminal

locate command in Mac OS X

The locate command is very useful if you�re looking to track down every instance of a file, filetype, app, extension, things hidden deep in system folders, or just about anything else that Spotlight can�t manage. It�s extraordinarily useful for troubleshooting and even more mundane tasks like completely uninstalling Mac apps.

In order to use locate, you need to build the locate database, which also enables a  [Read More…]

Add a Separator & Time Stamp Between Terminal Commands to Increase Readability

Custom Terminal separator and timestamp for Bash

If you want to customize the Terminals appearance a bit beyond the prompt and a custom background, you can make the Terminal much more readable by using this nice trick to add a separator and timestamp between each executed command. This also bolds the current command text and anything that is available from tab completion.

To get this to work, you just need to paste  [Read More…]

Apple To Build Massive Store In Grand Central Terminal [Signed, Sealed, Delivered]

Apple will build its biggest store yet in Grand Central Terminal, in the space currently occupied by Charlie Palmer’s Metrazur restaurant on the upper balcony.

Just as we exclusively reported last year (and no one believed us), Apple will build one of its biggest retail stores yet in New York�s Grand Central Terminal.

Apple has signed a 10-year lease�with New York�s Metropolitan Transportation Authority to build a whopping 23,000-square-feet store on  [Read More…]

Apple Planning Its Largest Store Ever at the Grand Central Station Terminal

Apple is on track to launch another flagship retail store in Grand Central Station, New York. This store location has been rumored to be in the works for the past year, and Apple could see approval to begin construction as soon as next week.

Apple�s last earnings call echoed the company�s desire for�aggressive�retail expansion, and this upcoming Grand Central Station store will most likely prove to be a very profitable�business�venture.

The new  [Read More…]