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9.7-inch iPad Pro is no laptop replacement, but it’s a terrific tablet [Reviews]

Apple really, really wants you to replace your laptop with an iPad — especially if that laptop is powered by Windows. But before that switch can even be considered, the iPad needs to do everything your laptop can and more. That’s where iPad Pro comes in. With its new A9X chip, it’s the most powerful […]

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Former Apple CEO John Sculley Says Tim Cook Is Doing A ‘Terrific Job’

Former Apple CEO John Sculley believes Tim Cook is doing a “terrific job” at leading Apple after taking over from Steve Jobs two years ago. Cooks is “continuing the Apple philosophy of no compromise and quality of their products and great styling,” Sculley said, and he commends Cook for “not trying to be Steve Jobs.” […]

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Readdle’s Terrific Do-It-All Documents App Comes To iPhone

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 15.49.29

Readdle Documents has today been updated with support for the iPhone, following its launch on the iPad back in January. Documents isn’t just a file manager, but also a document editor, a web browser, and a media player. So whether you’re editing a letter, organizing some photos, or you just want to kick back and watch that movie you downloaded, Documents will let you do it all  [Read More…]

Terrific Task Management App Checkmark Is Just $0.99 This Week [Deals]

Get it while it’s cheap.

Here at Cult of Mac, we love Checkmark, the terrific task management app for iPhone. In fact, we think its awesome location-based reminders make it the perfect alternative to Apple’s own Reminders app. If you haven’t already discovered it yourself, then now’s the perfect time, because Checkmark is on sale for $ 0.99 just this week.

Normally priced at $ 2.99, Checkmark promises to be “the fastest  [Read More…]

Sculley: Steve & I Had A Terrific Relationship; If Anyones Going To Revolutionize TV, Itll Be Apple

John Sculley, a former Apple CEO who was at the helm of the Cupertino company between 1983 and 1993, has no doubts that it can revolutionize the television set. If anyones going to change the experience and the first principles of TV, Sculley told the BBC in a recent interview, its going to be Apple.Apple has revolutionized every other consumer industry, Sculley said, why  [Read More…]