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iPhone 6 smokes Samsung Note 5 in speed test

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is one of the most beefed up and powerful smartphones the world has ever seen. In terms of raw specs, the Note 5 blows the 2014 iPhone 6 out of the water with 4GB of RAM and a zippier processor, but as Apple has taught us for so many years, […]

Samsung has been forced to postpone its Ultimate Test Drive promotion that gives iPhone owners the opportunity to try out its latest devices free for 30 days. The South Korean company says it ran out of test drive devices in just a few hours after “overwhelming demand.” Samsung kicked off the promotion just a few days ago, […]

Developers can now let you test their iOS 9 beta apps

Apple updated its app TestFlight today, adding the ability for developers to test iOS 9 and watchOS 2 betas ahead of the software’s public launch in the fall. TestFlight 1.2 “adds support for testing upcoming iOS 9 features,” according to the app’s release notes. Support for a new App Thinning feature is also included to […]

Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 has beaten out the iPhone 6 and other flagship rivals in a “real-world” performance test. The device came first in six out of nine challenges, which tested for things like Wi-Fi speed, camera load time, gaming performance, and video… Read more ›

Poor kid’s smartphone strength test ends in tears

No matter how robust you believe your smartphone case to be, battering it with a hammer just for the sake of it is never a good idea. One young boy learned this the hard way when he smashed his smartphone to bits… Read more ›

We’ve already seen the Apple Watch’s durability get tested in some pretty extreme ways. Now Consumer Reports is weighing in with tests of its own and Apple Watch dominated the smartwatch competition. Both the stainless-steel Apple Watch and Apple Watch… Read more ›

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Consumer Reports has a history of being hard on Apple. They famously refused to recommend the iPhone 4 because of a so-called “flawed” Antenna Design. To test the Apple Watch, though, Consumer Reports is being harder on Apple than ever.… Read more ›

Speed isn’t the only reason to buy a smartphone, but it’s certainly interesting to see how Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 stacks up against Apple’s bestselling iPhone 6. Thanks to YouTube user Android GameE, we have our first speed test of… Read more ›

Galaxy S6 shames iPhone 6 in image stabilization test

If you need a smartphone camera that can capture a steady image even when you’re not, you’ll want to choose Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 over the iPhone 6. At least, that’s what the South Korean company hopes to prove with the… Read more ›