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Executive Testifies That Publishers Gave Amazon An Ultimatum After E-Book Deal With Apple

Interesting tag-line, really.

Interesting tag-line, really.

According to Russel Grandinetti, vice president for Kindle content at Amazon, publishers involved with the e-book anti-trust federal case told the Seattle-based retailer that unless Amazon agreed to their terms, it would have been barred from releasing e-books on the same day as print on Kindle, the wildly popular e-reader device that Amazon sells.

Grandinetti testified today that this ultimatum to switch to an agency model  [Read More…]

Apple-Samsung Trial, Day 10, UCLA EECS Professor Mani Srivastava Testifies [Liveblog]

San Jose CA — Mani Srivastava, PhD Professor at UCLA department is now in court to bust another of Apple’s patents, this time the 460 patent. The claims of the patent describes the use of an email program that is allowed to send pictures from a phone, and to scroll through image galleries.

4:00PM: Srivastava describes his work and educational experience: Early work with AT&T/Lucent technologies, won the Bell Laboratories  [Read More…]

Apple-Samsung Trial, Day 10, Damages Expert Michael Wagner Testifies [Liveblog]

We are back at the Samsung-Apple Trial with another of Samsung’s witnesses, damages expert Michael J. Wagner. He is testifying about his analysis of possible damages based on the patent infringement Apple accuses Samsung of orchestrating for the last few years. Let’s get to it.

9:30AM: After quick introduction, Wagner gets to the point of the matter. His analysis is that Apple’s lost profits are overstated, by both the Cupertino company’s analysis and  [Read More…]

Samsung-Apple Trial Day 9, Industrial Designer Jin-Soo Kim Testifies [Liveblog]


Samsung continues its defense in the San Jose patent trial today against Apple, with more witnesses declaring Apple is the original copycat in the touch-screen mobile business.

We dig back in as one of the Samsung’s top executives, Industrial Designer Jin-Soo Kim, testifies about his role in the product development business.

[Live blog]

1158AM: Kim is the second witness who has traveled from Seoul, Korea, to testify on behalf of the  [Read More…]