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Senate Summons Apple’s Tim Cook To Testify On Storing Cash Overseas To Avoid Taxes


Apple has fallen under plenty of scrutiny for storing a majority of its $ 100+ billion cash horde overseas to avoid paying U.S. corporate taxes, the highest tax rate in the world. Now Apple CEO Tim Cook has been summoned to speak at a Senate hearing next week as part of an investigation into the offshore tax practices of U.S businesses.

Politico reports that Cook will testify before the Senate Permanent Subcommittee  [Read More…]

Apple CEO Tim Cook Has Been Ordered To Testify In E-Book Antitrust Case


Last year, Apple was hit with an antitrust case from the U.S. Department of Justice over the pricing scheme of e-books in Apple’s iBookstore. Since that time, 11 executives at Apple have already been deposed over the issue, but the Department of Justice is demanding that Tim Cook be involved, and they just got their way.

U.S. District Judge Denise Cote granted the Justice Departments request to get Cook to testify  [Read More…]

Want To Get Paid $625 Per Hour? Just Testify In The Apple vs Samsung Trial

To defend their allegations that Samsung has been shamelessly copying their products, Apple has had to bring in a few outside experts to testify in the Apple vs Samsung trial. So far the expert witnesses have included people in the fields of product design, graphic design, and marketing.

So how much have they made total? About $ 205,000 between the three of them to endure the pains of lawyers asking them  [Read More…]

Mac Icon Designer Susan Kare Will Testify In Apple Versus Samsung Trial

Kare designed the famous “Happy Mac” icon and many others we still use today.

Susan Kare, the graphic designer famous for creating a number of icons for the Macintosh, will be called as a witness in the ongoing trial between Apple and Samsung. Kare will reportedly talk about the similarities between the user interface graphics on the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy devices.Kare designed the Mac’s “Happy Mac” startup icon, the Command symbol,  [Read More…]

Samsung Tried To Send Former Apple Designer $60 To Testify In Trial

Last week we found out that back in 2006 Apple Industrial Designer, Shin Nishibori, was asked to create mockups of what an iPhone-like device would look like if created by Sony. Nishibori’s prototype mockups have become a hot item of debate in the Apple vs Samsung trial as Samsung was hoping to use them as evidence that Apple copied Sony.

The court recently dismissed the images, but Samsung wanted to get  [Read More…]