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New iOS puzzler Dropu is what would happen if Tetris and Sudoku had a baby

A good mobile puzzle game is always welcome, and if you’re looking for something to augment your TwoDots and Threes games, developer Ricardo Fonseca is hoping he has something for you. Called Dropu, his new iOS game is – as Fonseca describes it – what would…Read more ›

Woz was just too damn good at Tetris

Before fingers throbbed from marathon Candy Crush sagas; before Flappy Birds zoomed across iPad screens from Palo Alto to Manila, there was Tetris and Stephen Gary Wozniak was its king. 30 years ago today, a Russian programmer named Alexey Leonidovich…Read more ›

Tetris Inventor Returns With New Puzzle App “Symbol Link” [Video Review]

While many have developed puzzle video-games, not many have compared to the popularity of the hit game “Tetris”. Symbol Link is a new puzzle app created by Alexey Pajitnov, the mind behind Tetris, that has players connect symbols in the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Tetris For iOS Has (Nearly) All Its Pieces In Place [Review]

As with all classic games, the question about EA’s Tetris for iOS doesn’t have anything to do with whether the core concept is a good one or not (we know that it is), but rather how well the developers have…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Alpha 9 Is A Fine But Familiar Mix Of Boggle And Tetris [Review]

Fans of word games are always looking out for new apps that will let them arrange letters and clear blocks or cross things or whatever else people do when they’re using text as game pieces. Here’s another game that lets…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Is So Awesome At Tetris He Was Once A Champion At It [Video]


Steve Wozniak is no stranger to gaming, having met Steve Jobs while working at Atari and even programmed his own version of the classic video game, Pong.

Did you know, though, that the Woz is a huge aficionado of the classic Gameboy game, Tetris. Well, he is… so much so that Nintendo Power magazine back in the 1980s refused to publish his scores anymore because he’d dominated the #1 spot  [Read More…]

Electronic Arts Updates and Releases New Version of Tetris for the iPhone

Electronic Arts recently released another copy of Tetris for the iPhone (iTunes link) and the verdict comes in as: its a pretty good game. The newer version of Tetris showed up on the App Store and replaced EAs older version of the game. What EA did here was add some innovative features this time around, probably in hopes of good sales for this upcoming holiday season. Just as a quick heads-up, if you had the  [Read More…]

Playing Tetris With 18 iPads [Video]

What do you do with 18 iPads and some remedial stop-motion expertise? You do what the guys over at iPStand did and play Tetris with them, complete with a chiptune cover of Korobieniki playing in the background. Ironically, because theres only 18 iPads, though, iPStand can never get a true tetris and clear four rows at once. If only they had 24!