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Apple is building a brand new campus for 14,000 employees in Texas

Everyone’s focused on Apple’s upcoming “spaceship” campus, but Apple is also currently hard at work on its second-largest global campus. Based in Northwest Austin, TX, the 1.1 million square foot space will reportedly house around 14,000 local workers, and be responsible for Apple’s “business operations for the Western Hemisphere.” In addition to offices, the new […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Caption contest: Tim Cook walks into an AppleCare center in Texas…

Imagine calling into AppleCare, pissed off that your iPad’s display is freezing, again. You’re ready to obliterate the schmucks at the call center with a hadouken ball of fury, but when the line is finally answered, you’re disarmed by the sweet southern charm of Apple’s…Read more ›

Motorola to close Texas smartphone factory

Motorola has confirmed it will close its smartphone factory in Fort Worth, Texas, The Wall Street Journal reports. The plant, which employed 700 staff and was responsible for the assembly of devices customized with Moto Maker, is unsustainable due to weak sales and high costs.…Read more ›

AT&T Adds LTE Coverage To Markets In Texas, Alabama, New Mexico And Washington


If you’re dying for AT&T to roll out more bars into your area – so you can actually use the LTE on your iPhone 5 – then you’ll be happy to know that AT&T is activating its 4G LTE services in four new markets across the U.S. today.

According to AT&T’s New Room, the following areas are now covered by AT&T 4G LTE:

Washington – Tri-Cities area

Texas – Rio Grande Valley

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Texas Instruments Makes A Graphing Calculator Out Of Your iPad


If you were ever a dork like me, goofing off in Trig class to play Wolfenstein 3D on your graphing calculator, this will be exciting: Texas Instruments has brought their graphing calculator software to the iPad.

The new software mimics the functionality of TI’s TI-Nspire calculator, and it’s Texas Instrument’s first entry into the graphing calculator app world.

As Casey Johnston over at Ars Technica points out, it’s unlikely this  [Read More…]

Apple Begins 1-Million-Square-Foot Expansion In Austin, Texas [Report]

Back in July, Apple purchased acres and acres of land surrounding its campus in the heart of Austin, Texas. It was later reported that Apple was making a $ 304 million investment to grow its operations in Austin and bring an additional 3,600 jobs to the area.

Now Apple has broken ground on its 39-acre Texan campus in an effort to expand its growing U.S. Operations Center.

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Infamous iPhone Hacker Geohot Arrested For Marijuana Possession In Texas Speed Trap

It’s hard to believe a clean cut, law abiding youth like this would smoke marijuana, isn’t it?

You only need to look at the bloodshot eyes, crunchy appearance and tossled hair of famed PS3 and iPhone hacker George geohot Hotz to realize that this is a mind which works best when jerkied in the cannabinoid vapours inhaled from a tightly packed magic jaybone. Hes a viper from birth, and we  [Read More…]

Apple Spending $304 Million In Texas To Create 3,600 Jobs [Report]

Apple isnt giving any love to SXSW this year, but thats not keeping the company from investing $ 304 million in a new campus to create 3,600 jobs. The campus wont be responsible for the new new iPad, but instead focus on administrative responsibilities and customer support. Gov. Rick Perry today announced that Apple will expand its presence in Texas with a $ 304 million  [Read More…]

Everything’s Bigger in Texas, Including Apple’s New Campus

As reportedMarch 2nd, Apple recently launched a new page on Apple.com showcasing the important contributions made by the iDevice-maker to the U.S. economy, mostly by “creating” or “supporting” 514,000 new jobs. It now appears as though that number will increase by another 3,600. Today, it was announced that Apple is going to spend upwards of $300 million on a new Austin, Texas-based campus, which will create thousands of new jobs. The news came this morning  [Read More…]

A5 Chip Production Now Well Underway At Samsungs New Texas Factory

Image courtesy of Austin American-Statesman

While most of the components crammed inside your iOS devices are built by low-costAsian manufacturers, its dual-core A5 processor is actually built a little closer to home at Samsungs new factory in Austin, Texas. Reuters reports that Samsungs new factory has been manufacturing the A5 chip since earlier this year, but production didnt enter full swing until early December: The A5 processor the  [Read More…]