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Use These Special Siri Commands When Dictating Text On iPhone Or iPad [iOS Tips]


Speech to text dictation is getting better by leaps and bounds, and Apple’s Siri on iOS is one of the best implementations of the technology. While you may have known that you could punctuate your dictation by just speaking it aloud (comma) you may not know that there are some more commands that you can use to further refine your dictation performance, allowing you to write stuff just by speaking it,  [Read More…]

Here’s How to Text Flirt With That Cute Foreign Hottie Who Doesn’t Speak Your Langauge [Daily Freebie]



For all those unilingual schmos who’ve thought they were telling some lucky foreigner in ”hey, I like the cut of your jib” in another tongue, but instead said something like “you chicken dance the burning planets,” I sympathize, and also laugh. To make up for the laughing, here’s a trick app to pull out next time: Sendboo. It’s a free app that automatically translates your “hey, baby” to “olá, bebê” — or  [Read More…]

Preview All Text Files in Quick Look with the QLStephen Plugin for OS X

Quick Look all text files

By now you’re probably familiar with Quick Look, used in the Mac Finder and Open/Save Dialogs to view an instant preview of any file simply by selecting it and hitting the spacebar or a tap gesture in OS X. It works amazingly well to see what something is before you open it, but if you’ve attempted to use Quick Look on some text files that don’t  [Read More…]

Remote Control Your Mac At Home Using Only An iOS Text Editor [How-To]

By the numbers: A simple Drafts action can remote control your Mac.

Wouldn’t it be neat if you could type “Hey MacBook, STFU!” into your iPhone’s text editor and – mere moments later – have your Mac do just that? Welcome to the nerdy world of automation, where you can remote control not just your computer but your whole home, just using plain text.

With a few simple tools you can control iTunes, turn  [Read More…]

Write For iPhone Looks Like The Future Of iOS Text Editors

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UK9A8d_lZmA?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

Write is yet another Dropbox-friendly text editor for the iPhone, but even in its present state as a teaser video and landing site, it looks amazing. In fact, it looks like it could become my favorite iPhone editor.

Not convinced? Read on…

The app contains a whole bunch of clever functions, and they seems to be packed in without making anything feel cluttered.

First up are the pull-to-save and pull-to-delete gestures. If you have ever used pull-to-refresh,  [Read More…]

Brett Terpstra’s ‘Clip Text File’ Service Does Just That

Brett Terpstra, the hardest working nerd on the internet, has come up with yet another super-useful single-serve utility. It’s called Clip Text File, and it grabs the contents of a plain text file and copies it to your clipboard, all without opening the file.

Why? Because text files are great places to store oft-used words, and opening them is a pain. Clip Text File is a system service (it shows up in the Services  [Read More…]

This Hack Lets You Start Your Car By Sending A Text Message From Your iPhone



It’s winter. It’s probably cold where you live. Running outside to start your car is probably one of the most dreadful experiences you have every morning, and then you gotta sit in your cold car for a few minutes before the heat really kicks in. You’re shivering. Trying to drive faster. And it all just sucks.

You could buy one of those remote ignitions, but then you gotta carry around  [Read More…]

Turn Off Repeating Text Message Alerts on iPhone

The default iOS setting for iPhones is for message alerts to chime with the text tone twice, in a two minute interval. While the repeat text message alert sounds, notifications, and vibrations on the iPhone can be helpful for some people, those of us who are basically glued to our phones tend to experience quite the opposite and end up finding the repetitive alerts a nuisance, since it can seem like you’re being inundated with texts when you’re not. We’ll  [Read More…]

Add Smart Text Overlays To Your Instagram Photos With InstaWeather Pro [iOS Tips]

InstaWeather Pro

I like Instagram, with it’s fun filters and social features. I’m glad the latest controversy over the terms of use and privacy concerns has been dealt with, at least for now. One thing that I’ve always wondered, though is why Instagram didn’t have any text overlay features.

With InstaWeather (and InstaPlace, really), you can place some location and weather-aware overlays on your Instagram photos, giving you a whole new  [Read More…]

Quickly Locate iPhone Ringtones & Text Tones Stored Locally

iPhone ringtone folder

iPhone ringtones and text tones – both of which are .m4r files – are stored in the same location in the file system, whether they were made with iTunes, bought from the iTunes Store, converted from another format with QuickTime, or whether you downloaded them from elsewhere.

The ringtone storage folder in OS X is:

~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Tones/

In Windows, they will be stored in the \My Music\iTunes Media\Tones\, though  [Read More…]