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Easily Convert Selected Text To Spoken Tracks In iTunes On Lion [OS X Tips]

Here is a great tip that will let you convert any text that you can drag select into a spoken track delivered right into iTunes. You can then sync that track and take it with you on the go. Listen to what you might have been reading later or share it with friends and family.   Here is one example of how you can use this feature. I opened up  [Read More…]

Add Your Contact Photos To Contact and Call Lists And Text Messages With Copic

A new jailbreak tweak called “Copic” allows you to show your contact photos in Contact List, Call List And Text Messages. 001 This tweak views your contact photo’s in almost everything in your idevice. It also views it on Favorite list and it supports FaceTime On theiPod touch and iPad 2 . [Read More…]

Send SMS Text Messages And MMS From iPad 2 3G Models Using SwirlyMessage / SwirlySMS [Jailbreak App]

SwirlySpace AB, developers of a suite of apps for both jailbroken iOS devices and non-jailbroken ones, have an app called SwirlyMessages for 3G-ready iPads which allows users to send/receive SMS and MMS. The app worked pretty well on the original iPad and we can confirm, from first-hand experience, that the app works the iPad 2 (jailbroken) as well! SMS on iPad 2 (3) The iPad comes in many different models. You’ve got three based on memory capacity, two based  [Read More…]

iOS 5 Will Transcribe Voicemail To Text

According to sources inside Apple, that Apple developers are working hard now to implement new feature on the upcoming iOS 5. Precisely , iOS 5 will allow you to read your voicemails by translating them into text.  Also rumors talked about another new features and improvement in Apple’s next major release of  [Read More…]

Send Free SMS With Text Freek From Your iPhone

Do you want to send SMS for free  from your iPhone? Well, new app released on the App Store called TextFreek, which will allow you to send free SMS from your iPhone. After you have installed this app on your iPhone you will be able to text anyone, anytime, anywhere for free of cost. TextFreek is very fast and easy to use app. TextFreek uses Apple push technology to send text messages between devices for free of cost. TextFreek also  [Read More…]