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Cut down on countless wasted keystrokes with TextExpander [Deals]

If you spend any time behind the keyboard (and let’s be honest, if you’re reading this you probably do), you’re probably wasting a lot of time. The wide menu of commonly used terms, names, phrases and information that we take time to type out add up to minutes and hours that can be saved by […]

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Flash Sale: Award-Winning TextExpander 5 For 31% Off [Deals]

Whether it’s emails, newsletters, or blog posts, if you spend any amount of time typing you likely also waste a lot of it by repeating yourself. After the 300th time typing out an address, the name of a business, or anything that bears repeating, you’ve spent valuable seconds that quickly add up, and which you could’ve […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Get big discounts on TuneUp, CleanMyMac, FlipPDF, TextExpander and more [Deals]

It’s time for Mac App Madness, where we bring you great deals on popular Mac apps to increase your productivity and make your life easier. Today we feature deals for DSP-Quattro 4, CleanMyMac 2, TuneUp, FlipPDF for Mac, and your…Read more ›

Best deals of the week: Xcode & Swift, TextExpander, Bluetooth speaker, more [Deals]

So ends another week at Cult of Mac Deals. Every day we put a spotlight on a gadget, software, or training that will enrich your life. Today, we highlight a few of those deals so that you don’t miss out.…Read more ›

Save big on killer Mac apps like TextExpander, TuneUp, Flip PDF, and more! [Deals]

Your Mac is a productive device. What makes it even more productive is having killer Mac apps that will open new doors and make your life better. Today, we feature 4 Mac apps that you just cannot live without. Check…Read more ›

Smile’s custom TextExpander keyboard for iOS 8 will save you time typing

Of all the apps that will benefit from custom keyboards in iOS 8, TextExpander by Smile Software is one of the more obvious. In case you’re unfamiliar, TextExpander allows you to create snippets of text and media that can be…Read more ›

Get The Location Of Your Mac Using TextExpander

  We know how to grab our location in plain text on the iPad, using Editorial and some Python voodoo (Python Voodoo could be a great name for a band). But what about the Mac? Easy. Using TexExpander and some…Read more ›    [Read More…]

TextExpander Touch 2.0 Adds A Ton Of Features From OS X

Good news, iOS power-nerds! TextExpander Touch 2.0 has just been released into the wilds of the App Store and is available for your keystroke-saving delectation. The big news? Fill-In snippets finally come to iOS. But that’s not all… Save time and customize repetitive responses with fill-ins for single lines of text, multiple lines of text, […]

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TextExpander Snippet Runs Shell Script To Get Info About Your Mac

About This Particular Macintosh

This is the boring old way to do things.

There are a handful of apps that I have to have on every Mac I use, or things quickly start to get annoying. Launchbar is one. Dropbox is another, and TextExpander is one more. TextExpander is sold as a way to expand a short string of text into a longer string of text, so I can just type, say, “aadd” and my  [Read More…]