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Texting behind the wheel? N.Y. cops may have the tech to find out

Cellebrite, the Israeli tech firm which helped the FBI hack the iPhone 5c at the heart of the San Bernardino shooting case, is reportedly working on a “textalyzer” device that will allow authorities to find out whether a person as unlawfully driving while using their smartphone. The device would initially be used in New York, where proposed legislation may let law enforcement […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Stage actress Patti Lupone takes rude texting into her own hands – literally

The next time you buy tickets to see famed stage actress Patti Lupone in a show, just leave your cell phone at home. The Tony and Grammy award winner delivered her exit line during her performance of Shows for Days…Read more ›

University adds dedicated texting lane for students on the move

You know mobile devices have hit a certain critical mass when universities start adding walking lanes designed to stop texters from accidentally colliding with non-texters. That’s exactly what happened to a staircase at Utah Valley University’s Student Life and Wellness…Read more ›

Dashcams reveal horrors of teens texting and driving

We all know that teens are crazy drivers. But when you put phones in their hands, things get really bad. AAA conducted video analysis of teenagers on the road and discovered that “distraction was a factor in nearly six out…Read more ›

Miss T9 texting on your iPhone? There’s an app for that

For us old farts, T9 texting still has a sort of nostalgic allure. Now a new iPhone keyboard allows you to text message your friends like it’s 1999 all over again. If you’re too young to remember T9 texting, it…Read more ›

CamText Brings Apple’s Transparent Texting Tech To Jailbroken iPhones Today [Jailbreak]

It was just a few hours ago that we told you that Apple had patented new transparent texting system which would help users who walk while typing be more aware of their surroundings. If you thought the patent sounded like…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple’s New Patent Wants To Make Texting And Walking A Little Safer

Sick of colliding with lampposts and the elderly whilst walking and texting? A new Apple patent for ‘Transparent Texting’ might be right up your alley, using your iPhone’s video camera to pipe through a live feed of what’s happening in…Read more ›    [Read More…]

‘Contact Alias’: Because Everyone Wants To See Who Is Texting You

Contact Alias — Utilities — Free People love their privacy, but you can’t play Phone Goalie all the time. What if there were some way to hide who your iMessages and texts are coming from, even if whichever nosy person…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Google Plans To Add SMS Texting To New Hangouts App


The new Google Hangouts app for Android and iOS is the best messaging service Google’s produced yet, but one thing that will probably prevent it from taking off is its lack of SMS support.

If you tried the Hangouts yesterday you probably noticed the amount of people you can talk to is sparse. That’s because Hangouts only uses Google+ to connect to other humans so all of your friends would have  [Read More…]

Co-Creator Of Siri Says There’s No Evidence That Eyes Free Mode Is As Unsafe As Texting Manually


There was a study by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) last week which concluded that voice-to-text apps, like Siri, offer no benefit over standard texting. In fact, they say, reaction time nearly doubled when using these types of apps.

Adam Cheyer, guy that helped create Siri, however, begs to differ.

Cheyer told Wade Roush over at XConomy that the testing done with Siri (and Vlingo, an Android speech-to-text app) was  [Read More…]