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From Thailand to Brazil, Apple showcases two new ‘Shot on iPhone’ ads

Hot of the heels of Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” ad campaign winning top prize at the Outdoor Lions competition at Cannes, the company has unveiled two new videos showing off the kind of beautiful footage it’s possible to capture on…Read more ›

Picture this: Selfie coup in Thailand

Thailand is one of the world’s most coup-prone countries. It’s also home to people who smile the most in selfies. So even when the tanks roll in, the urge to snap takes over. Better yet: get that shot with the…Read more ›

Thailand Floods Means Apple Doesnt Have Enough Hard Drives To Fulfill Some Mac Orders For 5-7 Weeks

Apples a master of the supply chain, keeping just a couple days worth of inventory at stock any time under the mantra that any product in a warehouse is just costing the company money. The benefit of all of this is Apple is able to manage its supply chain with laser precision, deliver new products quickly and on-time without worrying about selling out existing inventory and save millions while doing  [Read More…]