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You’ve probably seen the do-it-yourself, social media comics called Bitstrips in your Facebook feed at one time or another, and maybe you want to see more, or you’d like to find some that might actually be funny. Best Strips for… Read more ›     

Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress has always been about mobile – of course – but this year it finally seems like the world has caught up, and mobile is more important than desktop. To mangle the words of Steve Jobs, these… Read more ›     

I’ve covered a few list-makers before, but this one just replaced Notes as my go-to item tracker. It’s called UpWord Notes, and it is a simple but powerful app that lets you create, manage, and update lists with just a… Read more ›     

Apple took a step away from Google when it launched iOS 7, choosing instead to have Siri search results come from Bing, the Microsoft search service. When you ask Siri to search for a topic, she’ll just use Bing, and… Read more ›     

The death of Flappy Bird has brought out more ridiculous knock-offs than should be permissible by the standards of the Geneva Convention. It’s gotten so bad Apple and Google decided to ban them, but the one Flappy Bird knock-off we’d… Read more ›     

When you’re using iTunes in list view to see all your songs listed in order, you can sort that list by the columns across the top. If you notice, there’s a little checkbox to the left of each track. These… Read more ›     

Facebook today announced a new standalone iPhone app called Paper, and you’ll be pleased to hear it’s nothing like any of the Facebook apps that came before it. Paper’s main focus is to make all the news you’re interested in… Read more ›     

Having recently purchased both Nest and AI startup DeepMind, Google is currently on a high tech spending spree. Even Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson has claimed that the search giant’s recent acquisitions have helped it take the lead over Apple… Read more ›     

Apple is planning to launch two new iPhone models this year, both with substantially larger screen sizes than what is currently offered by the company. The news comes from the consistently reliable and well sourced Wall Street Journal. One of the new iPhone models is said to have “a screen larger than 4.5 inches measured … Read More

Samsung wants all the beautiful people to use its phones (and, probably more importantly, to be photographed using them). So how does the South Korean company get its latest, greatest smartphones into the hands of celebrities hooked on iPhones? One… Read more ›