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Apple Runs Siri Ad, “Thank You Speech” with Neil Patrick Harris

Apple has released a new iPhone ad emphasizing the devices hands-free Hey Siri feature. In the commercial, celebrity Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser, remember that show?) asks Siri to read an acceptance Thank You speech for some unknown award, and then lip-syncs the response from Siri. Apple calls the ad: ‘Thank You Speech’ and included … Read More

“Thank You” offers fans a graceful, de-fanged goodbye to True Blood

It’s time, Tru Believers, to watch the very last episode of HBO’s vampire romantic drama, True Blood. Overall, this final episode is slow and sweetly-paced, funneling down from the crazy, too-many-characters and plot lines of the past several seasons to…Read more ›

iWork for iCloud Gets Facelift, Thank Goodness

iWork’s web apps have lagged behind Apple’s iOS and Mac apps in terms of design and functionality, but no more! Apple has redesigned the iWork for iCloud suite to make it look more like its iOS 7 counterpart. Available to use…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Get Psychonauts On Your Mac For A Mere Five Bucks – You Can Thank Us Later

Double Fine is putting several fantastic games on sale today, from Stacking and Brutal Legend on consoles to Iron Brigade on Steam.

But the best news of all is that the company has also dropped the price of one of the best games of all time, Psychonauts, to a mere five dollars. Well, $ 4.99 to be exact. How can this be?

Psychonauts puts you in the role  [Read More…]

Missing iTunes Store Credit? Thank the Towson Hack [Scams]

An article on Macworld today sheds some light on the Towson Hack a mysterious scam involving stolen iTunes store credit dating back to November of last year. Macworld highlights a trafficked thread on the Apple support forums that tells story after story of stolen iTunes gift card credit, initially relating to a changed billing address toTowson, Maryland. The mysterious scam has a long history with many variables at play, and  [Read More…]

Thank You, Steve Jobs. We Wish You Well. [Open Letter]

Thank You, Steve Jobs. We all reacted with surprise and disbelief today as we heard the news you were resigning as CEO of Apple. Anyone who follows Apple in even a cursory fashion knows that you have not been well, so the news was not entirely unexpected. But still quite sudden, and reaction has been swift around the world. Few people have been as influential and as iconic as you  [Read More…]

Notification and Multitasking Improvements, Thank You Cydia

It’s no secret the iOS multi-tasking and notification functions need to be updated by Apple. However, thanks to Cydia, jailbreak users don’t have to sit on their laurels and wait for the snail-paced Apple to update these functions on their iPhones. Physwitch ($ 2 in the BigBoss repository), tackles the issue of multitasking by allowing users to switch between running apps by hitting the up and down volume keys. You can then activate the selected app by hitting both volume  [Read More…]

White iPhone? I’ll Take Clear Thank You!

Click the image to open in full size. Apple’s announcement of the white iPhone 4’s release tomorrow may not be an earth-shattering revelation as much as it is a relief to some. However, ifixit has an interesting mod for the hardware-tinkering inclined: the clear iPhone 4 back. Ifixit rates the mod as an easy install. I would beg to differ. Anytime I’ve had to take apart my mackbook, or iPhone, I end up losing  [Read More…]

Geohot : Thank you My Fans for Your Efforts

New post has been published on the new blog “Geohot Got Sued” to thank all fans who gave Geohot the help with their donations to support him against Sony. For who don’t know, Geohot got sued by Sony after jailbreaking PS3, Sony claims that Geohot broke the law and Sony rights by jailbreaking PS3. Thank you so so much for all of your help, things are looking up money wise. Expect to see a few more lawyers  [Read More…]