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[Review] Get Information On Applications By Tapping On Them

This new jailbreak tweak gives you some information on applications that you want to launch. Remember the free jailbreak tweak that was released not too long ago by greensnow known as confirm launch IOS 5? What it did was it allowed you to get a popup that confirmed if you wanted to launch an application or not. The only problem was, it was kind of bland. If you want a different jailbreak tweak that is also  [Read More…]

Gartner: Apple Easing Up On iPhone Accelerometer Has Lost Them Valuable Marketshare Against Android

Geoff Livingston/Flickr

Research giant Gartner had a quick lesson for Apple: don’t let off the iPhone accelerator — if you do, you’ll pay. The latest price for delaying until October its new smartphone: iOS dipped to 15 percent of sales while Android-based handsets skyrocketed to 52.5 percent of the market. The delay of the iPhone 5, when eventually morphed into the iPhone 4S, gave Android smartphones a three-month period to grab  [Read More…]

iOS OTA Updates Not Working? Here’s How to Fix Them

iOS OTA update Over-the-Air (OTA) updates are one of the better refinements to iOS as part of the whole “post-PC” thing, they bring delta software updates directly to your devices, making for quicker updates and using less bandwidth (a delta update means only the differences between the iOS versions are sent, preventing a much larger package from being transferred iTunes or Apple). Accessible from Settings > General > Software Update, if  [Read More…]

NASA Is Sending The Angry Birds Into Space, And They’re Taking Some iPads With Them

Up until now, the Angry Birds have stayed terrestrial, pushing their beaks no higher than the cumulus clouds in their squawking, feather-strewn war against the evil Pig Armada. That’s about to change. The Angry Birds are going to outer space. No, Rovio’s not doing a sci-fi themed Angry Birds sequel, although that’s not a shabby idea: NASA is sending some iPads to the International Space Station, along with an Angry  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Himself Tried To Talk Some Sense Into Samsung Over Copycat IP… Before Smacking The Sense Into Them

Although Samsung continues to supply parts for a range of Apple devices, making Apple the Korean company’s largest customer, the pair don’t seem to have the best relationship these days. They are currently involved in a number of legal spats which has seen Apple accuse Samsung of copying the iPhone and iPad with its Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets, but before the courtroom battles began, Steve Jobs gave Samsung the  [Read More…]

“Show Package Contents” Unavailable? Extract .pkg Files Without Installing Them

Extract Package (.pkg) file contents without installing them in Mac OS X Continuing on with the theme of inspecting the contents of app installers, you can also extract package files and sort through their contents without actually installing them. To do this, you can often just right-click on a pkg file and select “Show Package Contents” – but that isn’t always displayed. Assuming that option is unavailable, we can extract .pkg  [Read More…]

Google Arms Android with 1,023 More IBM Patents But Will It Protect Them From Apple?

In the current wave of patent wars, Google has become an arms supplier, buying technology from other firms to increase Android’s ability to fight back against Apple. In its latest purchase in the Silicon Valley’s version of an arms bazaar, the Internet giant snapped up 1,023 IBM patents.   After purchasing 1,030 IBM patents in July, the Mountain View, Calif. Android creator in August bought the new technology to combat what  [Read More…]

HTC President: Kids Hate iPhones Because Dads Have Them

Apparently, HTC thinks that iPhones aren’t ‘cool’ anymore because parents use them. HTC US president Martin Fichter said in an interview today at the Mobile Future Forward conference in Seattle that kids and teenagers don’t want iPhones anymore because ‘dads’ have them. Martin Fichter on the iPhone hype: “I brought my daughter back to college — she’s down in Portland at Reed — and I talked to a few of the  [Read More…]

Apple Wants To Hire People To Help Them Stop Drunkenly Losing iPhone Prototypes

Did Apple really lose an iPhone 5 prototype in a San Francisco tequila joint? It’s starting to look doubtful. Either way, though, Apple wants to be better safe than sorry. That’s why they are looking for managers for their unreleased products security team.   Here’s the official job description: The candidate will be responsible for overseeing the protection of, and managing risks to, Apple’s unreleased  [Read More…]

Samsung Is Counting On Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 To Save Them From Apple

Faced with lawsuits around the globes, Samsung’s counting on a surprising witness to help them prove that their Galaxy Tab 10,1 didn’t rip off the design of Apple’s iPad: long-dead director Stanley Kubrick!   Florian Mueller at FOSS Patents reports that Samsung’s latest documents filed against Apple’s US motion for preliminary injunction cite Kubrick’s 1969 sci-fi masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey as prior art. In particular, the above screenshot  [Read More…]