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Dutch Theme Park Becomes Europe’s First To Use iBeacons

If there’s one place you can expect to see cutting edge technology at its finest it’s at a Dutch flower park, right? Dutch-language site iPhoned is reporting that Fluwel’s Tulpenland — a theme park whose name translates as Tulip Land,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Auxo Creator Releases Aplo, A Beautiful iOS Theme [Jailbreak]

aploAfter using iOS 7 for a couple of months, I’ve been missing some of the gorgeous iPhone themes that are out there for jailbreakers. You may think that theming iOS 6 is pointless when Apple’s next-gen OS is right around the corner, but one of the most prolific designers in the jailbreak community doesn’t agree. […]

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Make Your Android Device Look Like iOS 7 With This Jelly Bean Theme


A new Android theme mimics the design of iOS 7, Apple’s newest mobile operating system. The theme is a combination of custom icons and the Nova Launcher home screen replacement for Android 4.0+. 

The designer explains:

Apple unveiled their next generation iOS 7 on June 10, but it won’t come to iPhone until the fall. Luckily if you have a Android phone it is released to you today, June 11! This  [Read More…]

Theme Makes Your iPhone Look Like It’s Powered By The Apple Online Store [Jailbreak]


Yes, you read that headline correctly. Someone developed an iOS theme that makes your iPhone look like it’s powered by the Apple online store. It’s called “Apple Web OS,” and although you probably wouldn’t want to use it every day, it’s actually rather impressive.

Created by Timothy Elliott, Apple Web OS replaces your home screen with what looks like a web page. Your icons are turned into product shots from the  [Read More…]

This Gorgeous Theme Gives Your iPhone A Much-Needed Lick Of Paint [Jailbreak]


iOS is a fantastic platform, but as it approaches its sixth birthday, it’s in desperate need of a lick of paint. If you jailbreak your devices, then you don’t need to sit and wait for Apple to administer that, because you can take the design refresh into your own hands by theming.

The only issue with that is finding a theme that’s as beautiful as the hardware it’s running on. There aren’t many  [Read More…]

IMDb Update Adds Worldwide Movie Release Dates, Crazy Credits, iPad Theme & More


The official IMDb app for iOS had been given a number of new features today, including a new light theme on the iPad, and the ability to look up worldwide movie release dates, actor heights, “crazy credits,” and more. The update also makes some visual tweaks, and offers bug fixes that should improve stability.

Did you know that Kermit the Frog is 2.5-feet tall? Of course you didn’t, but you do  [Read More…]

EA Server Crash Causes Player Progress, In-App Purchases To Be Wiped From Theme Park For iOS

That’s what it should say.

EA’s free Theme Park game for iOS broke down yesterday, and gamers were unable to access the parks they’d spent time building. The company managed to get everything working again, but once the game was back online, users found that all of their progress had been wiped.

The parks they’d build, the achievements they’d earned, and worse, the items they’d bought using in-app purchases were gone.

This hasn’t just  [Read More…]

First Airlines, And Now Theme Parks Preparing To Support Passbook In iOS 6


Multiple airlines have already announced plans to support Apple’s digital wallet service called Passbook, and now more companies are jumping on the bandwagon. Accessco,a leading provider for attraction ticketing, will start rolling out support for the Passbook iOS 6 app in the coming weeks. This means thatCedar Fair Entertainment U.S. theme parks (Cedar Point, Kings Island, etc.) and attractions like theColumbus Zoo will work with Passbook on the iPhone.

Withaccessos new  [Read More…]

Free iOS App Theme For WordPress [Freebie]

Heres a great freebie for all you Cult of Mac fans. We have a slick looking WordPress theme designed to show off your new iOS app idea. Simple as that. A premium theme usually $ 37 now FREE for you for just a short time. So, go check out the theme for yourself and then come back and download it. Why? Because its free and Im sure there is always a  [Read More…]