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Theme Of The Week: Aspire

This week winner is Aspire. Aspire is the most complete and fully customized theme. The theme is brought to you by Flybritn. The theme has tons of color mods,widgets, color keyboard, pretty much you name it the theme has it! Its beautiful and elegant design makes it a must have theme for any jailbroken device! The theme includes in full HD the UI, iconset(s), bundles, wallpapers, lockscreen(s), default loading screens, UI sounds, ColorKeyboard, custom loading  [Read More…]

iBooks Gets A Night-Time Reading Theme

Do you ever read eBooks at night? When you’re in the dark, a little screen with an LED back light can feel like a flashlight in your face. This effect is dramatized by brighter colors and people generally prefer to be looking at darker colors on their screen when they are sitting in a pitch black room with an LED back-lit screen in their face. Thanks to Apple’s new iBooks, you can have just that,  [Read More…]

Reskin Google Reader with a Mac OS X Lion Theme

Google Reader Mac OS X Lion Theme Google recently revamped their popular RSS aggregator (subscribe to our feed while you’re at it) Google Reader with a new look, if you’re not thrilled about the new appearance you can apply a theme to make G Reader look similar to a native OS X 10.7 application. You’ll need to be using a newer version of the Chrome browser or Firefox for the best  [Read More…]

Get iOS 5 Style Notifications On Your OS X Desktop Right Now With This Gorgeous Growl Theme

Oooh, this is pretty. MacThemes forum user SkyJohn has created a theme for Growl that emulates iOS 5 style notifications. It’s not a perfect fit, but it does exhibit the same cube animation you see when you get a notification under iOS 5 on your iPhone or iPad.   Don’t have Growl? The popular notification system for the Mac is now available for $ 1.99 on the Mac App Store.  [Read More…]

Get a Cool Windows Theme for iPhone and iPod Touch

With this theme you can get a Window’s like UI to trick your friends! What? Windows on an iPhone? No way! Let me see!…How did you do that? With this theme you can trick your friends into thinking that you have Windows installed on your iPhone. The GUI isn’t perfect, but it’s close and it resembles Windows pretty well from how the Windows look to how the task bar looks. This theme has some internal  [Read More…]

Adobe Photoshop CS6 to Get Darker Aperture-Like Theme and New 3D Capabilities

Early betas of Adobe’s upcoming Photoshop CS6 software reveal that the application has been given a complete overhaul and features a darker user interface that looks a lot like Apple’s Aperture software. In addition to the new look, the software also features new 3D capabilities, an autosave facility, and a ton of other new tools. According to “people familiar with builds of the software compiled earlier this month,” who have  [Read More…]

Theme Folders On Your SpringBoard with Beautifolders

A staple component in the iOS jailbreak community is the ability to theme and artistically customize your device; hands down. There are a lot of great themes out there for people to choose from so most people are currently satisfied with the current themes. But, they are always excited for new releases. I can imagine however that many of us would like to start “designing” if you will our own iDevice experience. Maybe there’s lack  [Read More…]

Theme Of The Week: VIP, 8-Bit & Studio OS

VIP FIF7Y Formerly named “Actinium” theme has gotten a complete overhaul and has emerged as “VIP”. The theme features a brand new UI, icons and almost everything else. The theme comes available in HD and SD versions. Included in the theme are some tightly designed loading images, sleek high-definition chatkit for SMS Messaging, and some incredibly detailed icons. You can find this theme in Cydia within the next day or two. Teaser on YouTube | Original Thread

Official Angry Birds Theme For Windows 7 Available For Download!

Rovio Mobile’s super popular Angry Birds series of games, which are available on just about every platform from Windows to the Nokia’s defunct Maemo OS, has received its own theme for Windows 7. imageres_197 Angry Birds is a puzzle-based video game, developed by Rovio Mobile, that started out on Apple’s iOS platform back in 2009. It’s easy to learn but difficult master which is what makes the game so, so much fun! Since 2009, the  [Read More…]

Theme Of The Week: Boxor HD, Neurotech HD & Redline

Boxor HD falcon212 YouTube – BoxorHD for DreamBoard? This is a slick theme for Dreamboard that will rock your socks off. falcon212 has created an incredibly easy to customize theme, including a weather widget which doesn’t require any nasty text editing. Speaking of text editing and customization, the theme has a great walkthrough for those that wish to get the most from this theme. Included PSD files to create your own icons as well. The  [Read More…]