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InPulse for iPad 2, Custom Jailbreak Theme

Inpulse theme is very well known by the fans of custom jailbreak themes for iOS devices. Now a totally re-optimized version has been released by the developer, Specially for iPad. On the 5th of this month Jailbreakme 3.0 ipad 2 jailbreak was released. since that the developer was asked so many times to develop Inpulse for iPad.The whole theme has been developed pixel by pixel and it looks great on the iPad, And it’s compatible with the first generation iPad as well. Inpulse is available for download for  [Read More…]

Theme Of The Week: eXplos1on HD | inPulse

  Theme Of The Week brings another great set themes for you to check out. This week will showcase two well-designed themes:eXplos1on HD and inPulse. Both run through WinterBoard and are unique in their own right. Courtesy to @_robink for the Theme Of The Week banner. I’m still looking for banner ideas/submissions so feel free to email me here. eXplos1on HD: Created by @JunesIphone / bAdGB Team (@bAdBGteam), eXplos1on is elegant yet structured in design. With it’s distinctive dark and smooth black  [Read More…]

Theme Of The Week: Illuminehaz3 HD and Noki

In this installment, the two themes picked this week are: IlluminHaz3 HD and Noki. To send suggestions or tips regarding new themes or how to write these articles better, email me here. Also, I put out a challenge for all you designers out there to create a banner for Theme Of The Week that will be posted as the header every week. I’ll be posting new ones every time. but the ultimate choice will be  [Read More…]

ANGRY BIRDS Theme – Covered by Pomplamoose [Video]

YouTube darlings Pomplamoose recently covered the theme song of popular game, Angry Birds, and I think the question on everyone’s lips is: Why didn’t this happen sooner? [via]

Toyota Removes iPhone Cydia Theme – At The Request Of Apple

In an interesting advertising move, Toyota released an official jailbreak theme for iOS through advertising firm Velti. Turns out though that Apple wasn’t so keen on this approach to advertising and told Toyota to pull it.

Toyota Theme on Cydia Toyota Theme for iPhone

The hosts of the file and their own Cydia repository ModMyi received a request from Velti to remove the theme from the jailbreak  [Read More…]

Corporations Turn to Embrace Jailbreak As Toyota Launches Official iPhone Theme On Cydia

Since the day jailbreaking has been legalized in US, things haven’t really changed much. Legalization did provide the jailbreakers and those with jaibroken phones a reason to exuberate but that’s pretty much the only thing they have gotten.

Apple, however, continued to restrict the phones from doing all the wonderful things that jailbroken phones can do. If jailbreaking hadn’t provided users with a better experience, they wouldn’t do it, would they? On the other hand, Apple insists that jailbreaking can  [Read More…]

Apple to Toyota – Take Down that Theme

Click the image to open in full size. A couple days ago I wrote an article discussing Toyota’s Scion theme they’d published in Cydia through Velti, an advertising agency they use. I was impressed at a major corporation recognizing the niche jailbreak market and pouring some attention into it. The idea brought some interesting possibilities, and the article got some legs, including a mention on Daring Fireball this morning. Apple also heard about the  [Read More…]

Theme Of The Week: Darkstar & iSwerve

As nominated by the MMi community, this week’s theme of the week is Darkstar by Alien1974  Darkstar Alien1974 Click the image to open in full size. DARKSTAR is a theme that Alien1974 first created over a year ago for iPhone 3G, but was never released. A year later, Alien1974 has recreated the theme for your enjoyment. If your an Alienware fan, you’ll enjoy this. By donating $ 2.99 to Alien1974, you’ll get access to Darkstar.  [Read More…]

Theme Of The Week: LiveOS, z | ui, iAluminum HD

It’s back. LiveOS bluemetal Click the image to open in full size. LiveOS, an iPhone 4 theme, is designed by bluemetal. This theme is specifically designed with widgets in mind, creating a rather customizable design. The background contains an animated weather image with rain, clouds, snow, a moving sun and moon. The theme includes a slick black UI, and Themed Apps such as Safari, Mail, Clock, Camera, Photos, Calendar, Notes, Settings, Ipod, iTunes, Maps,  [Read More…]