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Skip the grind: 3 fun mobile games that (almost) play themselves

I just leveled up while I was driving to pick my kid up from school. I set up a digital battle using my iPhone while sitting in my driveway, hit “Go,” and then just put my iPhone down on my dashboard while I drove to get him. I’ve been calling these types of games “auto-battlers” for their central […]

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Apple Patent Hints At iPhones That Can Flip Themselves During A Fall To Protect Vulnerable Areas

You don’t know the true meaning of pain until you’ve dropped your shiny new iPhone on a hard surface. If you’re lucky, it will land on its back and your case will protect it, but if you’re not, it’ll land flat on its face and you’ll need a new display. But what if there was […]

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Kransen Headphones Are So Organized, They Almost Untangle Themselves

Urbanears-KransenEarbuds-1There are two things I love about these Kransen headphones from UrbanEars. Actually, there are three: that woven cord looks great in red. The other two are cable-wrangling tricks that would be welcome on any pair of earbuds: not that Apple would ever make an accessory so useful. The Kransens stick in your ears just […]

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Android Makers (And Even The 10-Inch iPad) Are Killing Themselves Trying To Compete With iPad Mini


Although it’s been less than a year since it’s debut, and though it was widely criticized at its debut for a beefy $ 329 price tag and a low-resolution display, the iPad mini has quickly become the one 7-inch tablet to rule them all.

A new supplier report out of Asia puts the iPad mini’s triumph into sharp relief. Not only is the iPad mini pretty much the only 7-inch  [Read More…]

New 21-Inch iMac Won’t Let Users Upgrade RAM Themselves, But 27-Inch iMac Will

Ask iFixIt: the thinner Apple makes their products, the less user serviceable they are. That’s why the new 21.5-inch iMac doesn’t allow users to upgrade the RAM themselves. The 27-inch, though, apparently does, a consequence of the added space.

Source: Apple

Why iOS 5 Apps Sometimes Say They Are Cleaning Themselves

With iOS 5, iPhone and iPad users started noticing a new curious behavior: app icons that suddenly started Cleaning themselves. Facebook does it. Instapaper does it. Even Twitter does it. But what the heck does it mean?   Id long wondered about that myself, but as it turns out, it has to do with iOS 5 deleting cache and temporary files to make the backup as small as possible perfect  [Read More…]

Stop Spaces from Rearranging Themselves in Mac OS X

Stop Spaces from Rearranging Themselves in OS X The Mac OS X 10.7.2 update brought with it an unusual change to Mission Controls behavior, where desktops/spaces will automatically rearrange themselves based on how recently theyve been used or accessed. If youve set your spaces to be in a specific order, this is fairly annoying, but its also easy to stop. Launch System Preferences and click on Mission Control Uncheck the box  [Read More…]