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Sorry, kids! There goes your iTunes allowance

Apple has announced that it is dropping its iTunes Allowance feature, which allowed users to limit the amount of money that could be spent by their kids (or themselves!) on iTunes games, apps, movies and music. While one of iTunes’ lesser-known features, iTunes Allowance had been around since at least 2010. It will come to […]

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Is there a class divide between iPhone and Android?

The war between iPhone and Android will wage on for years to come, but in this week’s Friday Night Fight, we’re not going to be bickering about which is best. At least not in terms of design, features, flexibility — and the other things normally discussed during a platform war. Instead, we’re battling it out […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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There are few surprises among the top iOS apps of all-time

There are more than 1.6 million iOS apps, but if you had to guess the top downloaded games and apps of all time worldwide, chances are good you would get a near perfect score just by looking at your iPhone. Four of the top 10 are apps from to Facebook, while Candy Crush, Fruit Ninja […][Read More…]

One the best bluetooth headphones out there is going for 34% off [Deals]

We’ve sure come to expect a lot from our headphones — no wires, killer sound, long life, comfort and durability. It’s a rare treat when we find one that meets our crazy high standards, which is why we’re excited about MMOVE’s stereo Bluetooth headphones. These bad buds press all the right buttons, and right now […][Read More…]

Google Maps loses its cool when asked, ‘Are we there yet?’

If you have young children, the last question you want to hear on any long journey is, “Are we there yet?” It’s never asked just once; it’s asked again and again and again until you angrily threaten to turn around and…Read more ›

Yes, there is a vacuum cleaner museum and it does not suck

ST. JAMES, Missouri — The first in Tom Gasko’s impressive collection of vacuum cleaners arrived before he was born. It was a summer day in 1962 and his mother, Jean, was pregnant and uncomfortably hot. The Rainbow vacuum salesman in…Read more ›

21 places to stick your GoPro. And no, not there

We all know how exciting a GoPro camera can make our lives look. Mount one to the end of a surfboard, on the handlebars of a mountain bike or to the helmet of a wingsuit diver and the viewer can…Read more ›

Is there an iPhone storage crunch coming? These stats say yes.

Apple’s refusal to upgrade the cheapest iPhone to 16GB could be leading to a crisis, and these stats just might prove it. When the iPhone 6 came out, Apple (un)pleasantly surprised everyone by only upgrading two of the three storage…Read more ›

Yes, there is such a thing as iPhone separation anxiety

With the exception that most of us don’t routinely change our wives or husbands every couple of years for a newer, slimmer model, owning an iPhone can be a lot like being in a relationship. And just like any relationship,…Read more ›

Sorry, there won’t be a Retina MacBook Air this Thursday

Last week we reported on how new, slimmer 12-inch Retina MacBook Airs have supposedly entered production, set to arrive in iPhone-inspired silver, gold, and space gray color options. With that being the case, some people have been asking whether or…Read more ›