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These old Apple devices are about to become obsolete

If your iPhone 3G breaks a month from now, prepare to be mostly out of luck. Apple has released a list of devices that will stop receiving repair and parts service in Apple Stores on June 9. The full list,… Read more ›

007 would Bond with these historic spy gadgets

Never mind that espionage is a dangerous line of work. The secret agent game promises plenty of intrigue and lots of fun spy gadgets.  If I knew exactly what today’s tools of the trade are, someone would probably have to… Read more ›

The Fourth is strong with these Apple Star Wars mashups

Apple and Star Wars are forces to be reckoned with. These two cultural powerhouses deliver endless entertainment and inspire extreme fandom. Mash the two of them together and you’ve got the technocultural equivalent of an atom smasher. Or a Reese’s… Read more ›

Get your Mac game on with these great guides

If you’re looking for new games to explode onto your Mac, look no further than these three “best of” gaming guides from one of the most Mac-centric gaming voices on the web, Mac Gamer HQ. Featuring the 10 best strategy… Read more ›

Sail through Apple Watch setup with these handy tips

You’ve got your Apple Watch, you lucky devil. Now it’s time to tweak it to make it as personal as possible with these Apple Watch setup tips. Although Apple walks you through many of the basic steps, there are plenty… Read more ›

The Apple Watch and everything it will do is not a new idea. Watches for years have been able to store data, give us directions, offer a means to communicate at a distance and, yes, show us our heartbeat.  It’s… Read more ›

Looks like you don’t need to be a long-time Star Wars fan to totally geek out over The Force Awakens trailer that appeared online last week, as these cuties so ably prove. Even super young babies get it: this is… Read more ›

Arganalth, a 23-year old engineer from Lille, France gives old computer hardware a second life by creating electrical orchestras in a suitcase. His latest masterpiece plays Nirvana’s “Smell’s Like Teen Spirit,” only instead of strumming the cords on a Fender… Read more ›

Marvel’s new show about blind superhero Daredevil swoops into your Netflix queue this Friday, and the looming arrival of “the man without fear” got us in the mood to watch some other comic-inspired TV shows and movies. To make it… Read more ›

Airbnb has revolutionized the way we travel by allowing people to rent rooms on the fly in 190 countries around the world. Now that President Barack Obama is finally opening U.S. relations with Cuba, Airbnb is taking over Havana and… Read more ›