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Meet iPadre: Q&A with priest who convinced the Vatican they need an app for that

Father Paolo Padrini is the Italian priest who developed iBrevary, an app that puts morning prayer, evening prayer and night prayers on the iPhone.  It was the first iPhone application sanctioned by the Holy Roman Church, Padrini also works with the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. Cult of Mac talked to him about what’s next app-wise and what place religious apps have in iTunes. [Read More…]

White iPod Touch Parts Continue to Surface, But Were They Made By Apple?

Following last week’s discovery of a white iPod touch digitizer in Asia, it now seems these parts are making their way around the globe — even appearing in the United States. One gentleman on the East Coast has managed to get his hands on a white iPod touch display for his fourth-generation device, but was it made by Apple? Lafayette has sent images to 9to5 ac of his device sporting a  [Read More…]