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Judges Tells Apple & Samsung To Make Peace Before They Have To Face The Consequences

Judge Lucy Koh has once again made a plea of Apple and Samsung to make peace in their patent dispute before a verdict is handed down. Not doing so, the federal judge warns, could be a danger to both Apple and Samsung.

“I see risk here for both sides if we go to a verdict,” Judge Lucy Koh said this morning, according to All Things D, further arguing that if  [Read More…]

Apple Wanted To Design A Car Before They Made The iPhone

Apple has always had a lot of “crazy” ideas that they throw around the company and see if it’s something they could do really well. The iPhone and iPod came about because Apple was frustrated with their MP3 players and cellphones, so they decided to see if they could do it better.

In the past there were even rumors that Steve Jobs wanted to design a car. Well during Phil Schiller’s  [Read More…]

More Alleged iPhone 5 Pics Leak Out Of Bangkok, But Are They Legit?

Deal or no deal?

A Japanese repair house posted photos of what looked like the iPhone 5, and we were all sold. They looked like what the rumor mill predicted, and they had just the right amount of realness to send the internet into a tizzy. Now, Neowin has pictures from an anonymous source in Bangkok, Thailand of what could be the next iPhone. Maybe. Possibly.

The pictures seem to confirm what  [Read More…]

Every iPhone Prototype Apple Ever Made Before They Released The First iPhone [Gallery]

The Samsung vs. Apple legal brouhaha has been a pretty tedious story to cover up until now, but over the last week, those of who with a professional interest in paying attention to the bickering were finally rewarded when Apple started coughing up images of their early iPhone prototypes in the court filings.

On Saturday, though, in preparation for the start of today’s trial, Apple released a new filing with dozens of sketches, prototypes  [Read More…]

iDevices Popular in Iran, Where They Aren’t Legally Sold

Just how popular are iPhones and iPads? They’re even big sellers in places where they aren’t legally sold. According to a new report published Friday, more than one hundred retail outlets in the nation of Iran – where strict U.S. sanctions prohibit U.S. computer products from entering the country – now sell iPhones, iPads, iPods, and even Apple computers out in the open. In fact, many of these stores blatantly and gratuitously advertise the availability  [Read More…]

All iOS Devices Lie When They Say Their Battery Is 100%

Unplug your iPad just after it reaches 100% and you’ll lose up to 1.2 hours of battery life.

Shortly after the new iPad made its debut earlier this month, it was discovered that the way in which the device calculates its battery life is flawed. Despite telling you its charge is at 100%, your device hasn’t actually finished charging. New data proves that in fact, your device isn’t finished charging until more  [Read More…]

Apple Doesn’t Need Celebrities To Sell Its Products, So They Don’t Get Special Treatment

Not even Shaq could get an iPhone out of Steve Jobs. Image courtesy of Fast Company.

One of the perks that comes with having your face on television is the torrent of free stuff that companies throw at you in the hope that you’ll be spotted using their product and boost its sales. Celebrities receive all kinds of gifts from expensive jewelry, to clothes, cars, and even $ 100,000  [Read More…]

Over 40% Of iPad Owners Plan To Buy iPad 3, But They Want It To Be Cheaper [Report]

Hype for Apple’s third-generation iPad has reached a fever pitch leading up to tomorrow’s announcement. A whole lot of people are eager to see how Apple will leapfrog the rest of the tablet market yet again. When we asked Cult of Mac readers if they plan to buy the iPad 3, over 50% of you answered with a resounding yes. A new survey indicates  [Read More…]

Cult of Mac Readers Show Us Where They Blog [Gallery]

Are you following Cult of Mac on Instagram yet? If not, you probably should because it’ll change your entire Instagram experience from “kinda cool” to “insanely amazing.” Last week we asked readers to show us where you spend your time blogging or surfing the web. You guys took to Instagram and Twitter and showered us with photos revealing small glimpses into your digital lives. There was a lot of great photos  [Read More…]

See Exactly How They Make This Smart Wooden iPad Stand By Hand [Video]

Woodpad I rather like the look of these handmade wooden iPad stands from Woodpad here in the UK.   Each one is made from a solid chunk of oak, maple, cherry or ash. Here’s a video showing in detail exactly how it’s done: The Woodpad comes in a variety of forms: one for iPad, one for iPhone 3/3GS, and another for 4/4S. The iPad version has two slots,  [Read More…]