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Apple Popular With 21% of Chinese Consumers — If Only They Could Afford the Brand

Photo by triplefivechina – http://flic.kr/p/9B6Fba

Apple is in the cat bird seat when it comes to dominating personal computer sales in China. More than 20 percent of Chinese consumers looking to buy a computer want an Apple, a new survey finds. There’s just one hitch: few of China’s citizens are willing to pay more than $ 1,000. A couple interesting data points are out today: first, China has overtaken  [Read More…]

Apple Senior Executives Get Massive Payday if They Stay Through 2016

The last ten years have been good for those fortunate and talented enough to be part of Apple’s Senior Executive team. And not it just got a lot more lucrative. According to the Wall Street Journal Apple awarded members of it Senior Executive team stick grants worth roughly $60 million dollars valued at current market prices. The document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed Apple granted the executives restricted stock shares as an  [Read More…]

Apple Didn’t Release An iPhone 5 This Year Because They Don’t Want Anyone To Feel Left Out [Opinion]

Are you disappointed that after sixteen months, Apple followed the iPhone 4 not with a radically redesigned iPhone 5, but a mere iPhone 4S? You shouldn’t be. There’s a reason the iPhone 4S is just a slightly better iPhone 4, and it’s because Apple’s looking out for you. That’s also the reason you should expect an iPhone 5S, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7S every two years, like clockwork.  [Read More…]

How To Make Sure You Get An iPhone 4S Order Placed As Soon As They Go On Sale At Midnight

At midnight tonight, Apple will kick off preorders for their latest and greatest iPhone, the iPhone 4S. Here’s Cult of Mac’s guide to the best ways to make absolutely sure you get your iPhone 4S preordered right at the stroke of midnight and in your hands next Friday when it officially launches. Wondering which iPhone 4S to order at midnight? Check out our own recommendation.  [Read More…]

Target Marks iPad 2 As End Of Life… Are They Expecting The iPad 3 In October?

Well, that’s certainly interesting. Target has just declared the iPad 2 in its end-of-life. Interesting, because it implies that Apple’s about to release the iPad 3, but ultimately, more likely some database enterers wishful thinking or a screw up than anything else.   First noted by TipB, the iPad 2 has been marked as discontinued at Target… well, at least the 16GB model in WiFi, Verizon and At&T flavors. TipB  [Read More…]

How Are Jailbreaks Found and How Do They Work? iOS Kernel Exploitation Presentation Gives the Technical Details

How Jailbreaks Work Renowned jailbreaker i0n1c, aka Stefan Esser, has put together a rather extensive presentation titled “iOS Kernel Exploitation” that explains exactly how jailbreaks work, ranging from how the exploits are found, how new code is injected into the iOS devices, how untethers work, and so much more. It was presented live at last months Black Hat security conference, but now the slides are freely available on the web for  [Read More…]

Apple: Motorola Lost The Right To Sue Us When They Sold Their Soul To Android

Photo by blitzmaerker – http://flic.kr/p/7yWTDR

Apple wants courts to pause lawsuits with Motorola Mobility, claiming the Schaumberg, Il. company transferred ownership of contentious patents to Google. The legal wrangling cannot be settled until the Android maker’s acquisition of Motorola is finalized, the Cupertino, Calif. company charges. “Apple should not have to face the threat of an injunction based on the claims of a party that has no standing to bring those  [Read More…]

Why Would Apple Do A 3G iPod Touch When They Can Do A Prepaid iPhone 4 Instead? [Opinion]

While the industry eagerly awaits Apple next’s media event, AppleNApps has dusted off the rumor that Apple will introduce a 3G iPod touch this Fall to compete with the prepaid market. Although a cheap, data-based, VoIP-intensive iPhone would definitely shake up the prepaid niche, such a product would also define a new category of mobile handsets — and that’s something that Apple has been known to do.   AppleNApps claims that Apple is  [Read More…]

Get’em While They Are Hot HP TouchPads Starting At $99 [Liquidation]

It looks like HP isn’t waiting to long to get rid of TouchPad stock since sales are cropping up with prices starting at $ 99. The fire sale comes just one day after HP announced that it would stop production of webOS devices. If you want one it might be time to head to the bargain section of your local electronics store or online retailers website.   According to PreCentral HP  [Read More…]