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8 Things That Kept Tim Cook Super Busy During His First Year As CEO [One Year Of Tim]

Tim Cook has been very busy running Apple the past 12 months. There have been a lot of changes and new products that have helped make Apple the most valuable company ever. There have also been a lot of controversies, and headaches along the way. The road hasn’t been all smooth sailing, but we think Tim has done a great job in his first year as CEO of Apple.

Here are eight things that  [Read More…]

3 Simple Things To Do Before Installing OS X Mountain Lion

Simple Things Before Installing OS X Mountain Lion

The release of OS X Mountain Lion is just around the corner (tomorrow by most estimates!), but before jumping into the latest major Mac system update, you’ll want to do a few things. We’ve broken it down to a few simple essentials that are easy to follow:

1) Verify System Requirements and Check Compatibility

Almost all relatively new Macs will run Mac OS X  [Read More…]

Four Super Cool Things You Can Do With GarageBand for OS X [Feature]

GarageBand '11 OS X

GarageBand for OS X changed the way us mere mortals create great music on their Macs. Included with all new Macs or available in the Mac App store for $ 15, it gives musicians from the brand new to the seasoned veteran a way to record all kinds of music, connecting real instruments, MIDI devices, and microphones to your Mac for easy music sessions. It also does some  [Read More…]

Six Things, Plus Two, That Are New In iOS 6 Beta 2

iOS 6 Beta 2 was released to developers today as we reported just hours ago. As we promised, here are some of the new things we’ve caught in the new iOS 6 Beta 2 build – six things, plus two, (to celebrate iOS 6 Beta 2) to be exact. 1. Apple Tweaked Passbook A Little Bit The new application that ships stock with iOS 6, Passbook, has been updated to be a  [Read More…]

Six Things About iOS 6 That Will Disappoint Some iOS Users

Yes, iOS 6 looks pretty new and shiny right now, but don’t think for a second that it’s perfect. There are some key points that could leave a lot of iOS users unhappy with the update if they don’t put some time and consideration into leaving iOS 5 for the beta. 1. No Jailbreak Probably the biggest one: iOS 6 doesn’t have a jailbreak yet. If you plan on upgrading, you can kiss your jailbreak  [Read More…]

Adobe: For Some Things, Photoshop Is Better On The iPad [Interview]

Photoshop Touch is so good you probably don’t need a Mac

BARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2012 — If you thought that Adobe’s new Photoshop Touch was just a cut down, iPad-sized version of the desktop app, think again. I just watched a hands-on demo here at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and this deceptively simple little app is pretty amazing.   Adobe senior creative director Russell Brown is is  [Read More…]

John Gruber: ‘Schiller Tells Me They’re Doing Some Things Differently Now’

Instead of the usual high=profile launch event, Apple treated journalists to their very own personal keynotes

Imagine yourself at an Apple keynote event. A special, one-off launch for the newest version of Mac OS X. You see the familiar format: Phil Schiller and a couple of other Apple execs run through the successful sales numbers. Then they announce the new product, and then they work their way through a deck  [Read More…]

Tim Cook Holding Apple Town Hall Meeting to Discuss “Exciting New Things”

After Apple’s quarterly earnings call, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, seems to have sent out a short email to Apple employees not only congratulating them for both setting a record on the 2011 holiday quarter, but also starting 2012 with the launch of the education initiative with iBooks 2.0, iBooks Author, and iTunes U. This doesn’t at all seem surprising considering the progress the Cupertino California company has made over the past few months. The most interesting thing  [Read More…]

Apple To Talk About “Exciting New Things” At Town Hall Meeting Tomorrow

image via AllThingsD

Following today’s incredible earnings report for the first fiscal quarter of 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook sent out a company-wide email asking employees to meet in Cupertino’s Town Hall tomorrow at 10 AM. The email notes that the company will be talking about “exciting new things.” This internal meeting follows the release of iBooks 2, iBooks Author and the iTunes U app at Apple’s education event in  [Read More…]

[Review] Haven’t You Always Wanted to Make Your Application Icons Do Bizarre Things?

This new tweak animates your SpringBoard. Sometimes the stock iOS look is too professional and we need to do some fun things to make it feel more personalized. One way that we can do this is with a new jailbreak tweak that has been dubbed Motion by its developers J. Corbett and J. Einbinder. Motion will let you bring your dead and motionless SpringBoard to life. Usually your icons just sit there and are free of any  [Read More…]