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How to Change a Third Party Apple ID Email to iCloud Email

You can now change the email address used as your Apple ID from third party emails to an @icloud email address, if you so desire. This means if your current Apple ID email login is something like “[email protected]” you can change it to an Apple domain like @icloud.com. Note this is completely different from changing … Read More

How to Enable Siri for Third Party Apps in iOS 10

Siri in iOS now supports third party apps, meaning Siri can interact with apps like PayPal, Skype, Uber, and others that have chosen to include support for the Siri virtual assistant. In practice this allows you to ask Siri to do something like “send $ 10 to Bob using PayPal” or “Get me an Uber to … Read More

OS X 10.11.1 gets third beta with lots of bug fixes

The next big update for OS X El Capitan is nearing completion with the release of OS X 10.11.1 beta 3 to developers and registered public beta testers. OS X 10.11.1 build 15B30a comes just over a week since the last El Capitan beta was released. It’s available in the Apple Developer Center, as well […]

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Apple seeds third OS X El Capitan beta

Apple’s third OS X 10.11 El Capitan beta is now available to download for registered developers. The release comes just two weeks after Apple previewed the big update at WWDC and made its second beta available for testing. As always,…Read more ›

Apple seeds third iOS 8.3 beta to developers

Apple has released the third iOS 8.3 beta to developers this morning. The free download is available both in the iOS Developer Center, and as an over-the-air update for developers still running iOS 8.3 beta 2. The release notes for…Read more ›

Demand for Apple Watch could use up third of world’s gold

We’re still waiting for the final pricing details on the Apple Watch, but if recent reports that Apple plans to sell one million gold Edition units a month are true, Apple Watch could wreak havoc on gold prices and do…Read more ›

How to Delete a Third Party Keyboard in iOS

Many of us explored the array of new keyboard options available now that iOS supports third party keyboards, but if you’re anything like me you probably settled on one that worked for your typing needs (if not the iOS default and QuickType) and now your iPhone or iPad has multiple unused keyboards laying about. While … Read More

Apple reportedly planning investor call for third ever bond sale

Apple is reportedly planning an investor call for later today ahead of a possible bond sale, according to The Wall Street Journal.  This would be the third bond sale in the company’s history, and may be the first in which…Read more ›

Apple shares hit new all-time high for third day in a row

Buoyed by expectation-defying earnings, Apple Pay, and an apparently insatiable demand for the iPhone 6, AAPL stock closed Wednesday at a new all-time split-adjusted high of $ 107.3. Apple was trading at $ 92 at the time of the 7-to-1 split, which means…Read more ›

Apple seeds third OS Yosemite GM to devs

Today Apple seeded the third golden master of OS X Yosemite to registered developers. The update is available in the Mac App Store for those already on the Yosemite GM and through the Dev Center. It’s been only two days since…Read more ›