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Apple Now the Third Top PC Seller

Apple to Toshiba: Pwned. When we tell you that Apple is booming – we aren’t joking. Apple has seen more Mac sales in the past year than ever before. The Mac is a computer that is often regarded as a computer with ‘5% market share’; this, my friends, is a myth. Another very large misconception is that it’s Apple against Windows – the real figures should be Apple against Dell, Apple against HP, Apple against  [Read More…]

Apple TV Manages To Attract a Third of the Connected Home Device Market in 2011

As the Apple TV continues to be branded as being a “hobby” for Apple, sales of its $99 set top box have recently made it the most popular device in its category. As of right now, predictions are claiming that the device is set to sell nearly 4 million units of the nearly 12 million TV boxes in the market. A report created by Strategy Analytics states that Apple is currently the leading set top box vendor,  [Read More…]

Three Major Taiwanese Mobile Carries to Launch iPhone 4S Third Week of December

According to Digitimes Taiwanese mobile carriers will launch the iPhone 4S between the 14th-16th of December. The three largest mobile carriers in Taiwan, Taiwan Mobile TWM), Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) and Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) will jointly launch the iPhone 4S in Taiwan according “industry sources in Taiwan.” While the exact date of launch is up to Apple it is expected fall between the dates mentioned above. Apple is expected to ship 30,000 units with 50%  [Read More…]

OS X Lion May Have Stalled, Stuck As Third Most Popular Mac OS [Report]

Photo by Elsie esq. – http://flic.kr/p/a6fAmb

Just how popular is OS X Lion 10.7, compared to is predecessors? “Lion’s adoption has been less than stellar,” says one online ad firm. Yet the figures don’t seem to jive with other Internet surveys, as well as Apple. Who’s right? As often is the case, it depends on who you ask.   Although Apple used Lion to migrate many iOS behaviors and features  [Read More…]

Third Apple Co-Founder Sold 10% Share of Company 12 Days After Forming

Ron Wayne, the third co-founder of Apple, sold his 10% stake in the company 12 days after it was officially formed in 1976 for $800, plus $1,500 later in exchange for forfeiting any claims against Apple. That same 10% share would be worth $35 billion today, or roughly 15.2 million times what Wayne sold it for in 1976. Wayne and Jobs knew each other from their days at Atari, and Wayne happened to be in  [Read More…]

Switcherscape : the third Tweak made by Chpwn [TweakWeek] | Cydia

Ryan Petrich is a developer of Cydia scene, well known for some of his projects and the availability and support that gives users via Twitter and other private channels .Petrich has recently launched a new “promotion”, called TweakWeek, which involves the release of some tweaks free for jailbroken iPhone. Today we bring Switcherscape made by Chpwn. TweakWeek plans to release a tweak free and open source a day . The rules for joining this initiative  [Read More…]

Third Party NAS Time Machine Backups Killed in Lion

Among a slew of other changes and upgrades in OS X Lion, it has been confirmed that the new version of Time Machine in Lion temporarily kills the option to backup to a third party NAS server. Apple stresses the importance of the Time Machine mentality in Lion, with the Versions feature working in the same way to keep backups of your documents and other files. Killing the ability to backup  [Read More…]

Even If The iPad Isn’t a PC, Apple’s Still Third Largest PC Vendor [Report]

Apple has come a long way since the 1970s. While the Mac was seen for years as a niche product that would never appeal to a mass audience, Apple has just been declared the third largest PC vendor in the US. Apple went from fifth place to third this business quarter with a 10.7% stake in the US PC market. MacRumors sends along a report from the Gartner and IDC research firms that shows Apple’s  [Read More…]

Apple Releases Third Build of Mac OS X 10.6.8 to Devs

On Friday, Apple gave its developers a holiday-weekend treat by seeding the third build of Mac OS X 10.6.8. Not much is known about the 1GB download (labeled 10K531), although key areas of concentration for the beta software look unrevised: Mac App Store, Airport, Graphics Drivers, Networking, QuickTime and VPN. For now, it appears that Apple is remaining consistent with a weekly release schedule for its developer builds of Mac OS X. Fourteen days ago,  [Read More…]

Third Attack Attempt On Sony PlayStation Network Thwarted [Report]

Remember when we told you how CNET had gotten hold of IRC logs that they claimed showed people planning to attack Sony’s servers once more? Now the website is claiming Sony actually managed to thwart the would-be hackers, and it’s all thanks to them.

CNET has learned that our publication of the group’s plan may have caused Sony to secure the remaining servers this group claims it had access  [Read More…]