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The best camera is the one that is with you, so the saying goes. But if that is indeed your iPhone, what is the best photo app? You have several thousand from which to choose. This can be particularly maddening… Read more ›

There is plenty that former Android-users won’t miss if they make the jump to iOS, but one thing they might is the iPhone’s lack of an Android-style “back” button — the result of Steve Jobs’ belief that everything about the… Read more ›

Designer Frank Costa uses his iPhone 6 Plus for lots of things, but he noticed that when typing on it one-handed, the anatomy of his thumb use wasn’t as ergonomic as it could be. Costa decided to design a new… Read more ›

Native Apple Watch apps are coming this fall

Apple Watch is one the most incredible watch I’ve ever owned, there’s just one problem – the apps are all soooo slow. That could change pretty soon according to Apple’s VP of Operations, Jeff Williams, who revealed at today’s Code… Read more ›

This movie app brings you daily deals on classic films

If you’re looking for a good deal on a movie to watch you may want to check out the freshly-launched Movie of the Day! app on iOS, which offers up to 70 percent discounts off the price of new and classic… Read more ›

The best new apps you might have missed this week

If you live in Mountain View, CA, get ready for a new sight this summer. That’s because, several years after starting its self-driving car program, a handful of Google’s autonomous vehicles will finally be leaving the test track and hitting… Read more ›

This week: why the iPhone 6s could be the best “s†update yet; Nintendo promises 5 top-notch titles coming to iOS; the paltry earnings of top Mac App Store apps; and just when we thought we’ve seen it all… a… Read more ›

Francesco Orru has a guitar that would make H.R. Giger proud and put Sigourney Weaver on edge. The designer used a Delta Wasp 3-D printer to create a guitar with a body shaped like the killer creature from the 1979… Read more ›