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This rapper recorded his entire album at the Apple Store

Recording a rap album is tough, expensive work. Sure, you can bust out a crappy demo on computer if you can’t afford studio sessions, but when Brooklyn rapper Prince Harvey’s laptop got stolen, he found the next best thing to… Read more ›

The best apps you might have missed this week

Finally, a boot camp where you’re encouraged to get your head in the clouds…er, the cloud. If you’re trying to establish any kind of cloud-based service, for yourself or a client, Amazon’s Web Services takes away the massive problem of actually… Read more ›

Apple is turning to both long-time manufacturing partner Sharp and long-time “frenemy” Samsung to help build the displays for its eagerly-anticipated 12.9-inch giant-sized iPad Pro, according to a new report. Sharp is said to have provided a small test batch… Read more ›

For my car, I have an anti-theft device call the Club. It is a telescoping device that hooks on each side of the steering wheel and locks in place with a key. Can it be broken? Probably, but the idea… Read more ›

You waited for the Apple Watch for what felt like forever…so casually tossing it on your nightstand at the end of the day? Not an option. Keep yours charging safely and stylishly with this wood charging stand, now $ 19.99 at… Read more ›

The second-generation FLIR One thermal camera is now available for iOS devices. Unlike the first-gen FLIR one which came as an iPhone 5/5s case, this standalone accessory attaches to your iPhone or iPad via a Lightning connector — and offers you… Read more ›

We’ve all been through those wretched travel-charging woes. When traveling abroad, you: A: Pay overweight baggage fees thanks to your collection of travel adapters, chargers, and cords. B: Spend the first hour of your trip on the floor by an… Read more ›

Thanks to iOS and Android, Apple and Google have been locked in a battle with each other for years now. Which is why it’s all the more ironic that Google would choose to unveil its latest Street View feature by… Read more ›

Capture blur-free iPhone vids with this tip

Your iPhone is set up as a still camera first and foremost, so it tends to automatically focus and expose your images. This is fantastic when you need a quick snapshot, but when you’re taking video, the constant re-focusing and… Read more ›