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Apple Expected to Sell at Least 500,000 iPad 2s This Weekend

Click the image to open in full size.  As the MMi crew and company join the broad Apple customer base today in anticipation of the iPad 2’s arrival later today, there’s no shortage of interesting projections emerging this afternoon with regard to just how big this debut weekend could be for Apple’s second generation tablet. Watching the stock ticker above my office door, shares of Apple are presently trading $ 4.49 higher @ $ 351.16 as  [Read More…]

This Is How Apple Should Do Notifications In iOS 5

Concepts of how Apple should spruce up its notification system for iOS are nothing new. Since man first stood upright the world has wondered just what Apple was thinking when it came up with the obtrusive, modal system we all know and loath. Now another contender has thrown his hat into the ring � and it�s a beauty. Put together by Shawn Hickman, the new concept is based around replacing the current  [Read More…]

Barclays: Apple To Sell 33 Million iPads This Year

Click the image to open in full size. Even before Apple debuts its second-generation iPad this year, some are predicting tablet sales to be so heavily dominated by the Cupertino iDevice maker that competitors will have an almost impossible challenge trying to catch up. On Friday, Barclays analyst Ben Reitzes said Apple’s tablet is “running far ahead of its tablet competition and its their game to lose,” noting that Apple will likely sell a record  [Read More…]