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Buy yourself a bigger thumb for using your iPhone 6 Plus one-handed

Before the iPhone 6, the reason Apple decided on 3.5 and then 4-inch displays was to allow for the entire screen to be easily within reach of your thumb when using your iPhone with a single hand. Now that the…Read more ›

How to Install OS X Yosemite on Any External Drive (Thumb Drive, USB Disk, etc)

We’ve covered how to install OS X Yosemite onto a separate partition of an internal hard disk and dual boot with OS X Mavericks, but many Mac users have wondered if it’s possible to install OS X 10.10 onto an external drive instead, thereby avoiding any modifications to the primary Mac hard drive or partition … Read More

480GB USB 3.0 Thumb Drive? Yes Please

I use flash thumb drives for precisely one purpose these days – taking a PDF boarding pass to the local print shop. That doesn’t stop me being impressed with Edge’s new DiskGo Sonic USB 3.0 Flash Drive, though, which is…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Prepare To Hate Your Stupid, Fat Thumb In Orbsorb [Review]

Obsorb is hard. Orbsorb by Montgomery Guilhaus and Rebecca Guilhaus Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: Free (introductory price) It’s not that it’s complicated or the enemies move too quickly or even that its controls are tricky. But…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Easily Tranfer Files Between Your Mac and iDevice With This Thumb Drive [CES 2013]



CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – This is one of those simple ideas were surprised no one has come up with before. The PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD is a flash drive with two different interfaces at each end — one 30-pin, one USB — that makes it super-easy to tranfer files between a desktop and anything with a 30-pin connector. It’ll  [Read More…]

First Apple Assassinates Optical Media, Now USB Thumb Drives Need Witness Protection

Apples line of MacBook Airs never shipped with an optical drive and now the Mac Mini has joined the party. The new Mac Mini, released this week, no longer includes one of these drives either. If you want an optical drive to use with these Macs you have to purchase an external USB SuperDrive. Now the arrival of the new MacBook Air and Mac Mini herald the death of the  [Read More…]