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Australian publisher Halfbrick (Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja, Age of Zombies) announced Tuesday that its new free-to-play band simulator game Band Stars will release to the App Store on Thursday, December 5. The game, developed in collaboration with Australia-based Six Foot… Read more ›     

tinythiefiOSRovio, makers of the all-mighty Angry Birds franchise, kicked off the launch of its new publishing company last month with its first game Icebreakers: A Viking Voyage hitting the App Store last month, but the company already has a new game on deck. Earlier this morning Rovio  announced that its second game, Tiny Thief, will [...]

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Following the rising success of Twitter’s video sharing app Vine, Facebook is set to bring video to Instagram at a press event this Thursday. According to a report from AllThingsD, Instagram’s “video product” will revolve around quickly sharing short clips, although the allowed length of clips isn’t yet known. Vine lets you record up to six seconds per share.

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The fine folks at The Iconfactory have put up a teaser page for Twitterrific 5, the next major version of their popular Twitter client. Version 5.0 will run on the iPhone and iPad, which hints at development of Twitterrific for Mac winding down.

As Twitter continues to make it harder and harder for third-party devs to support traditional clients, only a few apps like Twitterrific remain. Considering that Twitterrific was the first  [Read More...]

Great news for fans of the popular tower defense game Fieldrunners. Subatomic Studios has announced the highly-anticpated release of Fieldrunners 2 HD for iPad!

The fully-optimized iPad version of the critically acclaimed sequel will launch in the App Store this Thursday, September 13th. Not only will the game look great on the iPad’s Retina display, but new weapons and surprises are included to keep you on your toes.

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Sunside Games announced that their well-received iOS game, Crow, is coming to the Mac platform this Thursday, August 30, 2012. Crow for the Mac will have Game Center support, including leaderboards and achievements, as well as high rez graphics and a remastered soundtrack.

“Crow has had an incredibly successful run so far on the App Store. It’s a really unique immersive experience and it demonstrates that there is a desire for something  [Read More...]

Apple will be rubbing elbows with the world’s elite hackers and security gurus later this week.

For a company that has written off trade shows like Macworld, it’s interesting that Apple will be officially attending the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas this Thursday. What’s even more interesting is that the conference is devoted to the hacking and security research community, a demographic Apple has always given little public attention to. Under  [Read More...]

iOS 5 Beta 6 Could Land Next Thursday

Developers are now enjoying the fifth beta of Apple’s next major iOS release, but just like everything created at the Cupertino camp, we never know when an update is about to drop. Unless, of course, you go digging around in iOS files… which seemingly reveals the release date of iOS 5 beta 6.   iCloudil.com has discovered a change in a file within iOS 5 beta 5 which looks like it is being  [Read More...]

After a series of lengthy delays, the re-release of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions from Square Enix is set to hit the App Store this Thursday, August 4. While its release will be a chance the Americans among us to reminisce, for those of us in Europe, it will be the first time we get the opportunity to experience this PlayStation classic. Square Enix announce the release of Final Fantasy Tactics  [Read More...]

Live Demo of Project iF by iH8sn0w This Thursday

An upcoming project by iH8sn0w (@iH8sn0w), codenamed Project iF, is expected to release this week. iH8sn0w recently mentioned on Twitter from his own account and the Project iF account that a live demo will be held at 5:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) via iH8sn0w’s USTREAM channel this Thursday. The Project iF Twitter account (@projectif), created on May 25, 2011, will be the primary account for information and developments regarding the project. With the  [Read More...]