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iFixit teardown reveals what makes Apple Watch tick

The first wave of Apple Watch preorders have already been dropped off on customers doorsteps in Australia. We’ve already seen a ton of unboxing videos going through the Apple Watch packaging, but the folks at iFixit are wasting no time…Read more ›

Virtual teardown shows what makes Apple Watch tick

Like an autopsy performed on a cadaver that’s yet to be born, slick new renderings dissect the Apple Watch and show off its shiny guts. Since few normal people have an actual Apple Watch in hand, concept artist Martin Hajek…Read more ›

Tick tock, devs: WatchKit brings tools for making Apple Watch apps

As promised, Apple has given third-party developers tools to start making apps for the upcoming Apple Watch. Today the company announced the availability of WatchKit, its new SDK for creating app experiences on the wrist. With WatchKit, developers will be…Read more ›

Tick To-Do List Makes iOS 7 Look Like An Old B&W Photo

Tick is a brand-new ToDo app (yup, another one) that offers one big feature not found in the built-in Reminder app: Color. Actually, that;s not quite true; Tick offers bright, 1980s-style neon color, unlike the tastefully bright hues built into to iOS 7. Aside from the acid colors, the app also lets you pick from […]

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