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Retina iPad Mini Shipping Times From Carriers Are Backed Up Till December

Tim Cook admitted that the iPad mini with Retina display will be in short supply for the next few weeks, but while Wifi-only units seem to be in-stock at Apple Stores across the country, it looks like Apple is having… Read more ›     

Wait Till you See How Little This Ruggedized iPad Mini Keyboard Case Costs

New-Trent-AIrbender-Mini-01Reaction to this ruggedized, clamshell Bluetooth keyboard case for the iPad Mini must surely qualify as a “what the…?!” moment. Not because the New Trent Airbender Mini is ruggedized, and a keyboard, and a case, and a stand; but because it combines each of those sought-after elements for $40. “What the…?!” Yup. A rubberized exterior […]

The post Wait Till you See How Little This Ruggedized iPad Mini Keyboard Case Costs  [Read More…]

Easy Photo Editor ‘FX Photo Studio’ Now Half-Off Till Wednesday



MacPhun makes a boatload of photo editing apps for iOS and the Mac; for the next two days, their meat & potatoes Mac app, FX Photo Studio, is half off at $ 10.

FX Photo Studio has a clean, easy-to-use interface, a button that allows you to instantly compare your modified image with the original and simple masking tools, and you’ve already got a much better tool than OS X’s own  [Read More…]

Use Typist to Sharpen Your Typing Fingers Till They Bleed [Daily Freebie]

It’s rarer now, but once in a while I still come across a journalist or blogger agonizingly hunting-and-pecking a story to completion — in a world where a low WPM means starvation (or at least, a diet of Ramen noodles).

It makes me smile, because I used to be like that. I’m much faster now, thanks to an abundance of repetition. But I’m still no maestro — so I’ve employed a secret  [Read More…]

Heres How To Sell Your Used iPhone Right Now But Keep It Till The iPhone 5 Is Released


The�rumor-mill�has been churning for weeks and it seems almost�guaranteed�that Apple will unveil the new iPhone on September 12th. That gives you a little over three weeks to find a buyer for your old iPhone before its value drops once Apple announces the new iPhone.

Problem is, if you sell your iPhone right now you’ll have to go a couple weeks without it, maybe pick up a crappy Android phone for cheap,  [Read More…]

2011 iPad App of The Year Snapseed Available For Free Till Midnight

As part of Apple’s 12 Days of Christmas promotion Snapseed, the iTunes Rewind 2011 Best iPad App of the Year, is available for free until midnight tonight. I reside in the U.S. and was able to download the App for free despite the 12 Days of Christmas app being available exclusively in the U.K. and Canada. Snapseed, developed by Nik Software, normally retails for $4.99 and is an incredibly powerful mobile photo editor especially when used on an iPad. Users  [Read More…]

MobileMe Users to Get 25GB of Storage Till June 2012

MobileMe users have languished in uncertainty about what would happen to the 20GB of base storage they paid when iCloud finally goes live and the subsequent discontinuing of MobileMe in June of 2012. Apple has finally broken the silence. Apple will automatically sign up MobileMe users to the 20GB (+5GB free) iCloud plan at no charge (normally $40/year). Automatically signing MobileMe users up to this tier for free covers the 20GB of storage Me users paid  [Read More…]

Apple Store Online Order Status Down Till Sunday

Click the image to open in full size. The “Order Status” page on the Apple Online Store is down. Users trying to check the status of recently purchased goods via the online Apple Store are greeted with the above message. Also, a ton of phone numbers to contact the telesales team in your part of the world are on the page. So if you’re concerned about your order en route, call those. Over the last  [Read More…]