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If you’ve wanted to order a Mac Pro at any point since it was unveiled in December, you’ve faced a long wait, with shipping times almost immediately slipping to February. A month later, and you’d think things would be getting… Read more ›     

LAS VEGAS, CES 2014 — Your smartphone and tablet will soon offer noticeably better performance than a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, thanks to NVIDIA’s new Tegra K1 processor, the successor to last year’s Tegra 4. The 192-core “Super Chip†will… Read more ›     

Tim Cook admitted that the iPad mini with Retina display will be in short supply for the next few weeks, but while Wifi-only units seem to be in-stock at Apple Stores across the country, it looks like Apple is having… Read more ›     

As the holidays draw near, shipping estimates for the iPhone 5s are starting to be more reasonable. Today the Apple Store’s estimates for all models of the 5s improved to 3-5 business days, which is significantly better than the 1-2… Read more ›     

iPhone 5s shipping times have improved this week as Apple slowly catches up with demand for the new device. At the beginning of this week, customers ordering the handset through the Apple online store would have seen shipping estimates of…

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iPhoneshippingtimes  Getting a gold iPhone 5s has become nearly impossible the last few days – unless you’re willing to shell out some cash on eBay. As demand has ramped up to a fever pitch, online shipping estimates have slipped deep into October. To keep track of all the changing shipping estimates Walter Piecyk at BTIG shared […]

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new-york-times-leap-motionLeap Motion is a futuristic, Minority Report-like desktop platform that uses physical gestures to interact with apps. The hardware controller has been delayed a couple times, but it is finally scheduled to ship alongside a dedicated app store on July 22nd. All kinds of content creators are working on integrating Leap Motion into their apps, [...]

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Schedule Do Not DisturbBack in OS X Mountain Lion, it took a seriously complex shell script and recurring Calendar event to schedule Do Not Disturb times. While it’s fun to dig in and mess about with scripts, I much rather like the new Mavericks beta ability to just, you know, schedule Do Not Disturb using a nice, pretty [...]

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amped-wireless-aca1  Remain calm. Your laptop is not about to bellow wildly and charge while you bolt frantically down a narrow, cobblestoned street with a red scarf around your neck. No, you’re actually looking at the Amped Wireless ACA1, the first Mac-compatible gizmo to generate a turbocharged 802.11ac wifi signal (it also works with PCs, but [...]

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In the right hands, the iPhone Makes a great camera. And in the wrong hands, even the best DSLR or rangefinder will spit out crap. This is the truth behind the SunTimes/DarkTimes Tumblr, a blog which highlights the terrible photos that the Chicago Sun Times is publishing ever since it fired all its photographers and [...]

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