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Give Apps In Lion Open Window Amnesia [OS X Tips]

Apple has introduced a new feature in Mac OS X Lion called Resume. Resume will automatically reopen all the windows you had open the last time you used an app after you relaunch it.

Not a bad trick for some apps, but for some others it can quickly be really annoying. Here�s a tip on how you can avoid it altogether.


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Change Mail.apps Appearance To Something More Classic In Lion [OS X Tips]

One of the biggest changes that Apple has implemented in Mac OS X Lion is Mail version 5.0. The new version of Mail has a whole new look and feel to it that I�ve heard a few of you complain about. Well good news this tip will show you how to reverse the new modern look that Mail is sporting these days into something a bit more classical.


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Force Lion To Start Internet Recovery On Your 2011 Or Later Mac [OS X Tips]

�Apple has introduced new recovery features available through a combination of new hardware and software. One of these new features is called Lion Internet Recovery which will allow you to start your 2011 MacBook Air or Mac Mini directly from Apple�s servers.

The recovery process starts when the Command+R option doesn�t work or when you install a brand new blank hard drive.

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