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London’s ‘tired’ flagship Apple Store may be next for a Jony Ive overhaul

After the opening of the redesigned, tree-filled Apple Store in Brussels, Apple’s flagship Regent Street store in London may be next to get the Jony Ive treatment. Working with the architectural firm responsible for the Gherkin skyscraper, Apple’s plans call for it to transform what it refers to as the “tired and outdated” look of […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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‘Zoomer’ Wants To Give Your Weak, Tired Eyes A Break

Sometimes, print is too small or your eyes get tired. Or you just want to see what something looks like really close up. Enter Zoomer, a simple-to-use, completely uncluttered app that lets you magnify things up to 10x just by…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Tired Of Clicking? Use The Keyboard To Navigate The Menu Bar [OS X Tips]

Back in the day, Apple popularized the point and click interface so well that Microsoft decided it would use the same system, thereby paving the way for decades of mouse pointers and menu systems. Still, one of the great things…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Tired Of Cleaning Fingerprints Off Your Tablet? Let This Tiny Robot Do It For You


It takes no more than about 30 seconds to run a cloth over your smartphone or tablet display and free it from greasy fingerprints. But if you’re just too darn lazy to do that, check out this tiny little autonomous robot that does it for you. From Takara Tomy, the Automee-S is a 2.75-inch Roomba-like device that (slowly) makes its way around your smartphone or tablet display and gives it a  [Read More…]

Tired of Using Touch Screen Controls to Play iOS Games? Try the 60Beat Gamepad!

Make your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch feel like a game console. So you’ve decided that you like to play games on iOS, but there are many games out there that have terrible touch controls. You hate those darn touch controls so much that you decided to delete the game that you paid a lot of money for. Well, no more. Now you can play games with bad touch controls easily with the new60Beat Gamepadwhich  [Read More…]

Nokia: Youth Tired Of iPhone And Confused By Android Turn To Windows [Laughable]

Nokia Lumia 800 (nokia_fan – http://flic.kr/p/aEUKqu)

Kids, are you tired of the iPhone and just plain confused by Android? The answer lies in Windows, according to Nokia. If you can stop shaking with laughter long enough, the has-been mobile phone maker is reinventing itself as the hip, with-it and oh so new alternative to Apples boring smartphone. Nokia, which recently adopted the Windows Phone platform, said in an interview youth are  [Read More…]

[How To] Tired of App Store Applications Being Mean to You Because You’re Jailbroken?

xCon is your one-stop-shop for ending the App Store application bullies. There have been numerous App Store applications that can detect that an iDevice has been jailbroken. To name a few:Bloomberg Anywhere,Cablevision,Cisco M-Learning,DirecTV Pad,Grimm’s Fairy Tale apps,Time Warner Cable, andVerizon OnDemand/FlexView. All of these applications will give you a hard time when you attempt to open them on a jailbroken iDevice. They will give you errors and they won’t work. They are specifically programmed to  [Read More…]