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How to use your email as a powerful to-do manager

They say your email inbox is a terrible place to manage tasks. I’d disagree. I think it’s the perfect place. After all, most of my tasks come in via email, and any app that can share information can share it…Read more ›

UpWord Notes, Like Mailbox App For To-Do Lists

I won’t lie. The main reason I checked out Upword Notes is that it sounds like Upstream Color, Shane Carruth’s amazing movie about pigs (some are calling it Babe 3). But underneath this strange coincidence (surely just another of Carruth’s…Read more ›    [Read More…]

After Apple Design Award, Finish To-Do App Goes Freemium

Teenage developer Ryan Orbuch already has an Apple Design Award under his belt thanks to Finish, his popular to-do app that’s billed as an anti-procrastination tool. Today Finish is going free in the App Store for good, but there’s a catch.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Realmac’s To-Do App Clear App Is Going To Be Free Soon

Love Clear, the slick iPhone to-do app? So do we. But if you’ve never tried Clear before — or if you bought Clear+ and want the minus version without paying for it — you’ll soon be able to download it,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Things 3 Coming In 2014 As Sales Of Popular To-Do App Reach 1 Million

Things has been a staple to-do app on iOS and OS X since the iPhone app was first released back in 2008. And despite its infamously slow update cycle, it remains popular. The Apple Design Award-winning app has not yet…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Gneo, A Fresh Paper-Like Take On To-Do Apps

Imagine that your task list was made up of a bunch of little slips of paper that you can slide around in any order, only these slips can’t blow away. That’s the central metaphor for Gneo, a universal task manager…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Tick To-Do List Makes iOS 7 Look Like An Old B&W Photo

Tick is a brand-new ToDo app (yup, another one) that offers one big feature not found in the built-in Reminder app: Color. Actually, that;s not quite true; Tick offers bright, 1980s-style neon color, unlike the tastefully bright hues built into to iOS 7. Aside from the acid colors, the app also lets you pick from […]

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Bring The Conversation To Your To-Do List With Comments For Wunderlist Pro

01_Wunderlist_Comments_MacWunderlist, the hugely popular cross-platform productivity app that now boasts over 5.3 million users worldwide, got a new feature called Comments this week, which brings the conversation to your to-do list. If you use Wunderlist in a professional environment, you can now discuss tasks and projects with your team within individual to-dos. What’s more, you […]

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Silo App, A Slick And Simple To-Do List For iPhone, iPad And Mac

If there’s one note that’s almost guaranteed not to be in any of the zillions of to-do apps spread across your devices, it’s “Find new to-do list app.” However, should you actually have that entry scribbled down somewhere that you can actually find, then you can now cross it off the list: The app in question is called Silo, and it’s pretty slick stuff.

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Wunderlist For Mac Now Allows You To Email & Print Your To-Do Lists

Wunderlist 2Wunderlist for Mac has today been updated to introduce a number of new features including the ability to email and print your to-do lists. It also adds contextual menus, makes performance and stability improvements, and adds additional languages.

With the latest Wunderlist update, you can print task lists like you would any document on your Mac — by hitting the Command + P. You can also email them to friends and  [Read More…]